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The Execution, Adoption and Impact of a New Support Model

Feb 25, 2022

Jesse Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer at DYOPATH 

Today’s organizational security goes hand in hand with efficiency and retention. If you’re dissatisfied with the results of your vendor relationships, you likely haven’t yet found the most appropriate support model. Or the right partner to help you implement it. 

I noted in my first blog the need for enterprises to be strategic when addressing their IT problems. My blog that followed discussed how an IT Maturity Model serves as a benchmark against which all facets of your IT – people, processes, and technology – can be measured and improved. But the initial assessment is just the beginning. A strategic partner will help you determine the most efficient path for incorporating better SecOps into your IT support model. 

Challenges of Adopting a New IT Support Model 

No organization is immune to the effects of digital migrations. End users in all sectors are interacting with more hardware and software than ever before. This is why managed service providers (MSPs) have emerged lately as an alternative that can collaborate with you on any number of IT solutions. They help you take a closer look at your various challenges and vulnerabilities – whether they’re related to office culture, end-user training, user capabilities, or more technical problems.  

A strategic partner will help you address a whole spectrum of challenges so you can: 

  • Find and retain affordable, qualified workers  
  • Run more efficiently 
  • Automate organizational processes  
  • Address skill specialization in hiring 

An industry-leading MSP with a proven track record will be able to provide a hybrid solution so you only get the services you need when you need them. 

Considerations for the Biggest Impact from Managed Services 

What can digital transformation do for you? Since newer support models are more flexible, more hybrid solutions are available to address a highly specific set of needs. This means an enterprise of any size can access the services it needs, when it needs them, without any unnecessary disruptions. As you explore potential partners, look for a provider that will also help your workforce embrace the necessary changes in your IT, making your end users more effective and your organization more secure 

We don’t just address the usual IT gaps. As your partner, we will also consider:  

  1. Operations issues that impact all CIO’s 
  2. Containing costs while mitigating risks 
  3. Your need for skill specializations  
  4. Meeting compliance requirements 

Organizations that go through this process with DYOPATH, starting with the Maturity Model assessment, typically report a 20 percent bump in overall efficiency. One reason is that workers end up experiencing less downtime and fatigue caused by inadequate and outdated IT processes. With more personal devices being used for work purposes, businesses can’t afford to delay the inevitable. What’s stopping you? 

Our team of experts at DYOPATH has helped leaders in nearly every industry discover and fix the gaps in their IT. Schedule a meeting with a specialist today to find out more about what our Managed Services can do for you.  

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you’ve been following our campaign, I hope I shed some light on the urgent need for a new IT support model. Learn more about DYOPATH and our diverse managed services by visiting our website. 

Jesse Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer

About the author: As the Chief Revenue Officer at DYOPATH, Jesse Alexander leads the company’s strategy, sales and service delivery. A former Army Officer, he has helped deliver growth, profitability and client satisfaction for companies in the healthcare, legal and manufacturing sectors. Jesse has led IT Managed Services and BPO services for some of the largest companies in the US, introducing cloud hosting, hyper-converged technologies and artificial intelligence to support their needs.