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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

DYOPATH’S vCISO service is designed to provide the same role a full-time CISO would to your organization for security expertise and guidance but in a more cost-effective manner.  Our experts have decades of experience building security programs that work with your business objectives to drive measurable improvements to your security posture.

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Why Clients Choose DYOPATH for vCISO

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DYOPATH can manage your strategic responsibilities as well as providing guidance for your in-house teams through training and mentoring.



We can provide on-demand or periodic weekly meetings – we work with you to develop a budget and a schedule that matches your unique needs.



Our professionals keep up with security frameworks, tools and the pace of industry changes – allowing you to focus on your core business.

Independent Voice

We can manage your security needs on a short-term basis, long-term basis or as a limited engagement. We provide strategy, guidance and oversight all while operating with an independent voice.



DYOPATH has the depth of experience and expertise to make sound decisions about your security.  Because we are experts, ramp-up time decreases as we can gain a quicker understanding of your security program than someone with a lower quality skill set, which provides a strong ROI by decreasing startup time.


Cost Savings

The average compensation for a full-time CISO is over $250k annually and you may not need a full-time resource. Hiring DYOPATH can significantly reduce your costs.



Working with DYOPATH poses no risk because when your projects are done, your commitment ends giving you more flexibility.  Our services are scalable on short notice.

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