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Help Your Clients Achieve Continuous Improvement with the DYOPATH IT Maturity Model

May 10, 2021

Aligning IT and business strategies may not be at the top of your clients’ agendas. But there’s a significant chance that it should be. Many business leaders underestimate the breadth of benefits that a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as DYOPATH can deliver.

Agents can help their clients view IT not as an isolated department focused solely on technology, but as a strategic business partner that is integral to the success of the whole organization.

Why Align Business and IT Strategies?

Times have changed. IT is a much bigger player in nearly every aspect of an organization than it was 10 or 20 years ago. A business strategy that is aligned with its IT strategy can bring continuous improvements to every department of the organization.

Integrating the two areas reduces risk as well as costs while improving overall efficiency. To determine how such an alignment would play out and what types of benefits it would bring, your clients can leverage an external IT consultant to help them review their IT strategy alongside their business strategy. Based on their findings, they can let DYOPATH take over the more costly and time-consuming tasks that are using up precious time and resources.

DYOPATH’S IT Maturity Model

DYOPATH’S IT Maturity Model is a unique assessment process used to determine an organization’s progress. It serves as a benchmark against which IT can be measured concerning people, processes, and technology to pinpoint gaps that need to be addressed.

This multi-phased process culminates with the Value phase, which is the ideal target of an organization. Our best-in-class model is often used by our Service Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) so that businesses can achieve their ultimate level of operational efficiency.

What does this mean for your clients? It can help us identify their current IT standing, discover areas that may be obstructing their success, and establish a method of measuring improvement. We enable organizations to adopt this model with either shared or dedicated outsourced resources. The analysis this model provides will enable your client’s risks and IT expenses to decrease as their revenue and security levels increase.

Is Technology Helping or Holding You Back?

IT departments provide an invaluable service to organizations. However, business leaders are often unaware that their approach to IT could be stifling growth. They might see little connection between their IT department and the rest of their organization.

Our agile team of expert IT outsourcers can provide the manpower to manage your clients’ IT properly. We will help them strategize by providing a much-needed objective point of view on how technology is either helping the organization or stifling growth.

The Benefits of Alignment

Among other things, IT outsourcing helps manage the disconnect between IT and a client’s organization. Our highly scalable, results-driven services can improve efficiency and innovation while ensuring compliance and security.

Business leaders benefit from aligning strategies with an outsourced IT model by:

  1. Removing time-consuming maintenance of daily IT operations
  2. Making more informed business decisions with the support of data
  3. Implementing IT-enabled business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions for better business outcomes

This alignment model is integral to providing optimized IT processes and technical support in your client’s organization. After outsourcing their IT services, they will begin to see a monumental change in their organization’s growth.

Areas of Continuous Improvement

Organizations often lose anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue from inefficiency. DYOPATH can turn this trend around. Our highly scalable service is equipped to handle a large increase in users, workload, or transactions. That means your clients will be able to cope and perform well under an increased or expanding workload or scope.

With the help of the DYOPATH IT Maturity Model, your clients can improve in these areas:

  • Money. More streamlined workflows can help their revenue stream.
  • Efficiency. Employees will no longer waste time trying to solve their own IT issues.
  • Quality of Work. With better-managed processes, performance will improve.
  • Risk. Fewer IT inefficiencies reduce risks for organizations.
  • Strategy. Finally, we’ll help implement the strategic planning necessary to ensure your client’s continued success.

A more strategic approach to your client’s IT allows their organization to develop an alignment with their overall goals for better organizational growth and outcomes.

Contact us to find out how DYOPATH’S IT outsourcing can help your clients become more strategically aligned. Feel free to call 866-609-PATH or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our external IT consultants.