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IT Nirvana Phase 1: IT Strategy in Bloom

Mar 25, 2022

Patrick Clary, President & Chief Operating Officer at DYOPATH   

What organization doesn’t dream of achieving a state of IT nirvana – with the ultimate system paired to meet all its data protection needs? Most business leaders I speak with view their IT with at least a small dose of anxiety. It’s no wonder; almost 42% of small businesses were the victim of cyberattacks in 2021. Organizational leaders’ first step toward the light should be to map out their overall IT strategy. 

Upping your IT strategy is key to meeting your main organizational goals. Security is just one component of that process, which can be addressed by an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP). This phase should come before you dive into a set of solutions, first identifying any obstacles and gaps in your IT, as well as the initiatives required to address them.  

ID a Strategy to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your IT Approach 

Digital touches every aspect of organizations we work with, regardless of industry. To keep up, most companies jump right into their IT solutions without much forethought. It’s the role of a provider to align the technology with an organization’s values to help it meet its business goals. This partnership helps you:  

  • Focus on the impact of technology. Avoid using technology for technology’s sake. 
  • Assess and audit. Only a thorough, fact-finding assessment of every inch of your IT, including a review of how it impacts your organization. 
  • Investigate the needs of end users and clients. What are they missing due to gaps in your IT system? 
  • Align tools and technologies. Identify solutions that best address the issues that come up. 

A thorough assessment – sometimes referred to as an IT Maturity Model – is needed to highlight what needs to change to enable the company to grow. DYOPATH’S assessment process has been honed over the years to prepare growing organizations for whatever comes, based purely on their unique needs. 

How a DYO-Vision Will Bring Your Organization’s IT Closer to Bliss 

I’ve seen too many organizations jump right into the tech aspect of a solution without the proper preparation, only compounding their original problem. DYOPATH’S Managed Services are founded on a specific vision that we develop in partnership with each client, in which a team of experts identifies the different pieces needed to meet the client’s overarching vision.  

Only with a thorough assessment can you and your provider develop an actionable blueprint that cuts across silos in your organization. Our DYO-Vision will answer: 

  1. What steps will take you toward your ideal goal?  
  2. What needs to be implemented to make that happen?  
  3. What is needed to ensure you stay there? 

An industry-leading provider, DYOPATH can tailor and install the latest tools and services when you need them so you can focus on doing what you do best. Learn more about our highly customizable Managed Services on our website, and schedule a meeting today. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “3 Phases to IT Nirvana” campaign, we’re showing organizational leaders the most important steps to an orderly, robust IT. In my next two blogs, I’ll discuss the planning and execution phases of your IT nirvana journey. 

Patrick Clary, President & Chief Operating Officer

About the author: Patrick Clary is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DYOPATH. He is responsible for planning and executing the overall vision, mission, strategy, and operations of the organization. Clary’s greatest strengths are leadership, risk mitigation, change management, and a passion for problem solving. He is known for having his finger on the pulse of DYOPATH’S major business initiatives, delivering operational excellence and an ability to provide guidance, and mitigating risk by asking questions.