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Technology Refresh

DYOPATH can help your organization achieve its goals and objectives through our Technology Refresh Services. Our services start with building a strategy that will allow you to identify underutilized assets, extend and upgrade equipment to stretch usefulness and or affordably migrate your organization to newer technology. Maintaining legacy infrastructure can be costly due to lagging performance and inefficiencies – we help you keep pace with emerging technology to maximize the value of your assets.

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Why Clients Choose DYOPATH for Technology Refresh Services

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Business First Approach

DYOPATH helps you gain optimal productivity with a consistent technology refresh strategy that meets your budgetary needs with our business-first approach.  We offer:  inventory and assessment, remove and replace, and reconfiguring services.


Secure Vulnerabilities

Failing to upgrade outdated technology can create risk for your organization. Our team of experienced and highly skilled experts create a fully developed lifecycle plan for your organization.


Asset Efficiency

We make sure you get the most value from your existing assets, which allows your organization to have more predictable maintenance costs.

Refresh Your Technology to Maximize Its Value

Take advantage of DYOPATH’S Technology Resource Services to boost productivity throughout your organization. We have successfully performed thousands of application, infrastructure, security system, data center, disaster recovery, storage and productivity refreshes.


Decrease Downtime

Keeping your technology up to date helps your organization avoid costly breakdowns.



We offer a team of technology experts for your organization; our highly trained technicians prioritize learning your systems to develop a customized plan to upgrade your technology successfully.


Cost Savings

We help you establish standardized technology roles to reduce operational cost, which drives cost savings in a short time frame and at minimal risk to your organization.

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