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DYOPATH Case Studies

Explore clients who are succeeding with DYOPATH.

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Automotive Dealership Chain: Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

U.S. Auto Sales Shatters Sales Records After Deploying Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktops

BHP Technologies

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans


Read our latest case study on Caterpillar, the worlds largest construction-equipment manufacturer.

City of Rockford

Read our latest case study on the Illinois City of Rockford

Community High School District 117

DYOPATH provided a turnkey solution with hardware, software, installation and training.

Construction Industry: IaaS and DaaS

This Company Increased their Productivity by Streamlining Processes Using the Cloud

CPS Energy

Develop and Implement a Security Program

El Paso Electric Company

LAN/WAN Infrastructure, Server Strategies, Storage Architecture

ESCAPE Family Resource Center

ESCAPE engaged DYOPATH to improve and automate, where appropriate, their current Database Profile management process.

Financial Services Industry: Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Our Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution Changed the Way this Firm did Business

FMC Technologies

InteServ Architecture

Healthcare Industry: DaaS, DRaaS and IaaS

Focused on Innovation and Invention, this Company Made the Move to the Next Level of Business Growth

Legal Industry: DaaS, DRaaS and IaaS

The Law Firm Now Confidentially Stores all Client Data in Our Secure Virtual Environment

Pathfinder LLC

DYOPATH provided cloud services for Pathfinder LLC.

Patrick & Company

Increased Bandwidth and More Reliable Service

Retail Industry: DaaS and IaaS

DaaS and IaaS Increased Retailer’s Productivity, Streamlined their Sales Process and More

Royal Caribbean

Read our latest case study on Royal Caribbean

School District (K-12): Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our Streamlined Solution Has Resulted in a More Cost Effective and Efficient Way to Ensure the Safety of their Children


Read our latest case study on Signode, a leading transit-packaging provider.

TXU Energy

DYOPATH provided consulting services for TXU Energy.

USA Compression

Total IT Solution

West Harvey Dixmoor School District 147

Read this case study to learn how DYOPATH provided Education Services for West Harvey Dixmoor School District 147

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