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Cyber & Security Assessments

DYOPATH’S security experts provide Cyber & Security Assessments to help expose any potential gaps or threats in your current security plan. We help you keep malware and other threats out of your network with our assessments that will help you understand the measures you need to take to keep your business-critical assets protected. Your environment will be assessed against the highest industry security standards and/or where supported, against Department of Defense, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) or other standards as appropriate and desired.

Cyber Security Assessments

Why Clients Choose DYOPATH for Cyber & Security Assessments

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We tailor our assessment to use standards relevant to the unique requirements for each organization including business size, industry and unique risk profile.



We tailor our recommendations to include quick wins as well as providing a long-term strategy that considers each organization’s size, industry and maturity.



As a Managed Service Provider, we are continually audited under strict federal requirements, but also push those standards into our commercial space – giving us real-world experience on efficiently meeting a variety of security standards.

Reduce Risk and Regain Control

Cyber & Security Assessments are strategic tools that align an organization’s priorities and budgets within their high-level threat landscape. There are many choices for an assessment provider, but our clients benefit from our integrated approach.


Exhaustive Approach

DYOPATH hosts multiple environments audited by the federal government which allows us to bring our experience as an auditee to other types of organizations.


Business-First Approach

As a managed service provider, DYOPATH understands what is required to secure our clients’ environment. Cybercriminals are plotting attacks on any front they can reach; our assessments go far beyond just a technical focus. We take a broad view of your organization’s processes and technology to create a comprehensive understanding of your security risk posture.



Our security professionals are passionate about driving the best security practices possible. We ensure that our clients are more resilient from today’s ever-increasing cyber-attacks and that they are protected, save time and effort, and gain total endpoint visibility.

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