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Cloud Assessments

DYOPATH’S Cloud Assessments can help you devise your cloud strategy which will rapidly increase your time-to-market and improve profitability so that you can stay competitive.   We help with your cloud transformation by guiding you with our business-first approach. Our Cloud Assessments begin with our proven framework for cloud strategy and roadmap development to build an execution-focused plan.

Cyber Security Assessments

Why Clients Choose DYOPATH for Cloud Assessments

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Business Objectives

Our cloud experts focus on your business objectives first, not technology.  We analyze all data related to your  business objectives and only then do we define the scope and execution strategy for your migration.


Business Processes

DYOPATH ensures all your business processes are considered that are strategic and routine in nature. Every aspect of your business processes are researched including:   business workflows, inputs and outputs, key stakeholders, processes, applications, data, quality controls and technology.


IT Components

Your technological infrastructure is carefully evaluated to learn more about critical requirements.  Our IT components step involves the analysis of:  management, staffing, IT governance, security, disaster recovery, networking & server management, storage analysis, endpoint determination and the underlying applications. 

Data-Driven Cloud Migration

DYOPATH creates a custom business case and migration plan through our assessment framework with comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and application discovery.



We ensure you understand the TCO of your cloud migration by leveraging the data discovered during your assessment.


Application & Infrastructure Discovery

We provide your organization with a comprehensive application and infrastructure discovery analysis.  Our data will automatically identify all servers, virtual machines, on-premise applications, OS types, CPU utilization, RAM capacity and your needed storage capacity.


Data Driven Recommendations

We help you prioritize which applications to move and when to move them.  Our data provides you with the top choices for cloud configurations including compute and storage instances, network settings, BYOL license optimization and budget planning.

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