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Transformation & Continuous Improvement: The DYOPATH Maturity Model

Feb 12, 2022

Jesse Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer at DYOPATH 

Do you ever wonder how your data ecosystem can more fully integrate solutions to support your overarching goals, as well as those of your clients? It’s a tricky equation that evades even the best-run organizations. Clients often come to me because they’re not getting sufficient ROI out of vendors that continue to leave them at risk. 

I’ve seen a lot in my years leading managed services for some of the largest companies in the US. The current need for well-matched partnerships, driven by digital transformations, may top it all. Today’s IT must address: 

  • Increasingly complex security risks  
  • Keeping your technology up-to-date 
  • Human capital shortages 
  • Matching the technology to the business  

In my last blog, I discussed the need for a “mature” IT structure for organizations to evolve. DYOPATH’S assessment model takes the time to evaluate your current IT standing, identify any areas obstructing success, and establish a method of measuring improvement – all necessary for a lasting transformation. 

Maturity Model: Mapping Your IT Services for the Road Ahead 

To grow safely, every complex organization must identify what’s working and what isn’t. And as threats evolve (they always do), your IT needs to mature to keep up. Considering the increasingly regulated cybersecurity space, addressing potential vulnerabilities can be necessary just to stay in business. DYOPATH addresses these overlapping demands with a unique Maturity Model that helps enterprises prioritize their: 

  • Investments 
  • Compliance activities 
  • IT impacts on hiring and personnel 
  • Tech support needs 

How to Sustain Your IT in an Uncertain Future 

Our assessment is designed to drive continuous and sustainable improvement. Ultimately, you may achieve more operational efficiency through a Network Operations Center (NOC), help desk services or something entirely different. Most important, don’t commit right away. Familiarize yourself with the various emerging support models to ascertain what would address your needs while leaving what works in place.  

The right partner can bring all the necessary tools and third-party vendors together for a cohesive plan that just addresses your specific needs. In a time when jobs are hard to fill, doing so can also reduce employee burnout and turnover so that everyone wins. 

All services are not equal. DYOPATH is uniquely committed to keeping your IT operations, critical applications and data protected. Visit our website and schedule a meeting today. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Future of IT Services” campaign, we’re showing organizational leaders how to maximize the effectiveness of their 2022 IT approach. I have one remaining blog for this campaign, in which I’ll dive into how to execute a new support model for your organization.  

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Jesse Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer

About the author: As the Chief Revenue Officer at DYOPATH, Jesse Alexander leads the company’s strategy, sales and service delivery. A former Army Officer, he has helped deliver growth, profitability and client satisfaction for companies in the healthcare, legal and manufacturing sectors. Jesse has led IT Managed Services and BPO services for some of the largest companies in the US, introducing cloud hosting, hyper-converged technologies and artificial intelligence to support their needs.