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Should Your Clients Switch MSPs? A Checklist

Jun 14, 2021

Delayed or unmet IT needs can signal a client is struggling with its Managed Service Provider (MSP). More than ever, your clients need a best-in-class MSP to help them stay ahead of the competition. DYOPATH is a highly-trusted MSP that can implement a seamless transition, at a competitive cost, without any negative impacts on the organization.

Are you unclear on which clients should switch to a new service? Determining when it’s time to make the leap can be half the battle. Refer to this checklist for the top reasons that organizations struggle with MSPs – and why recommending DYOPATH might be the solution.

Poor or Outdated Service Structure

Do you have clients that are still running on an old or outdated system? A reactive MSP might take care of some of their needs but lag in key areas. In this scenario, the organization won’t fully benefit from what the cloud has to offer. Their aging infrastructure will continue to cost them in terms of money and resources.

You can help them understand that a much-needed upgrade can improve their overall performance and eventually lower their costs. Organizations typically see a 20 percent bump in efficiency after switching to DYOPATH. A virtual environment can still be centrally managed and connect with their existing equipment. We will seamlessly transfer over their data to a secure environment and enable their users to easily access applications through any device.

Security Setbacks

Security is more important than ever. The first half of 2019 saw more than 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches, exposing 4.1 billion compromised records. Any client that handles sensitive data should seriously examine their existing IT, particularly if there has been a recent setback or security breach.

The solution is to work with an MSP that will analyze what went wrong and provide extra protection. DYOPATH’S IT experts offer organizations a high-ranking security clearance level. With vertical expertise in the federal, education, and energy sectors, we can protect organizations in any industry.

Limited Offerings

Perhaps a client experiencing sudden growth suffers from insufficient resources, putting their needs on hold. Growth periods are a good time to consider transitioning to a more appropriate service provider that can handle an organization’s increasingly complex demands.

If a client isn’t receiving reliable and proactive customer service and support, switching to DYOPATH will put the attention back on your client. Delivering IT services is just part of DYOPATH’S role. Our pool of experts will assess what the organization’s larger goals are and determine how IT can support those goals. They can remove any obstacles and reveal to organizations inefficiencies that need to be resolved.

Inflexible Services

DYOPATH’S highly flexible IT outsourcing services are among the biggest advantages of switching over. Your client’s IT can be part of a hybrid IT support model, including shared or dedicated resources for end-user support, infrastructure, and security support needs. With a hybrid approach, your client’s team can focus on the strategic direction of IT within the organization while offloading their daily operational support to the DYOPATH team.

In other words, we craft our services around what works best for them. There are many positives in switching to a client-focused, cloud-based infrastructure. At 98 percent, our user satisfaction rate is well above the industry average.

Misaligned Service

The truth is, some of your clients’ service providers probably aren’t managing anything at all. An MSP should work for the client, not the other way around. A mismatch can affect the entire organization. Are all of your clients’ MSPs set up to help them achieve long-term success?

The specialists and engineers at DYOPATH have the expertise to manage the unique needs of vastly different organizations. As one of the largest privately-held MSPs in the US, DYOPATH can proactively:

  • Maintain, manage, and monitor any client’s IT systems
  • Assess vulnerabilities that are holding back the organization’s growth and productivity
  • Ensure any client’s IT aligns strategically with the rest of the organization

Changing providers should never mean lost data or costly downtime. We’ll transfer your clients’ data systems and computer networks without a hitch. DYOPATH is equipped to handle all the heavy lifting. Let us put our expertise to good use so your struggling clients will be freed up to focus on other priorities.

If you still have questions about recommending DYOPATH to your clients, our experts are here to answer them. Call or contact us online today to get answers about how our service offerings, assessments, and pricing will benefit your clients.