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IT Assessments

Improve network and system infrastructure performance by leveraging DYOPATH’s detailed IT Assessment Services. Our IT Assessments help organizations, no matter how large or small, gain a better understanding of their current IT environment to better align to key business goals and objectives.

Cyber Security Assessments

Why Clients Choose DYOPATH for IT Assessments

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Business Alignment

Our assessment methodology starts with business alignment and is designed to evaluate the objectives and operational requirements of your organization as well as the technology infrastructure, applications, and support resources that serve your employees and customers.


In Depth Overview

Our assessments are designed to provide an in-depth overview of your current infrastructure and technology, we evaluate the technology solutions you have in place and how they support your business functions including:  your network, systems, applications, and tools for operability, scalability, redundancy, resiliency, security, efficiencies and interoperability.



DYOPATH’S assessment reporting and analysis provides an Executive Summary and a detailed technical report. The final deliverable includes any recommendations for necessary enhancements, improvements and remediations for both the long-term and short-term.

Improve Operational Effectiveness

Gain a deeper understanding of your environment and better leverage IT with our assessments.


Improved Business Continuity

Experience peace of mind knowing your IT infrastructure can support your organization by eliminating system vulnerabilities and increasing system availability.


Cost Control

Outdated and underperforming processes and technology can be detrimental to your organization’s budget. We look for opportunities to streamline processes and control costs.


Reduce Risk

We help your organization mitigate or eliminate risk through our assessments and provide recommendations to reduce their potential impact.

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