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Penetration Assessments

Reduce risk by gaining visibility to unknown security holes in your environment leveraging Penetration Assessments from DYOPATH.  Our penetration assessments will evaluate the strength of your organization’s infrastructure by revealing vulnerabilities and effectively helping you manage those weaknesses. We understand that assessments are not a one-size-fits-all; that’s why we offer custom solutions that meet your needs.

Cyber Security Assessments

Why Clients Choose DYOPATH for Penetration Assessments

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Real World Security Testing

As a service provider, we learn from real-world client environments and can share real world views of how client environments compare to one another.


Assessment, Advice, Direction

DYOPATH helps organizations identify unknown vulnerabilities in their critical business environments that may have gone undetected, underestimated or even overlooked. Penetration Assessments aren’t just a solid business practice; it’s a mission-critical component of a solid security approach.



Our Penetration Assessments lead to us helping clients to mature their programs with our highly skilled security experts who work diligently and truly care about protecting your environment.

Chart the Unknown Security Gaps in Your Environment

Penetration Assessments help find security gaps before bad actors do.


Standard Approach

Our security professionals begin with a standard approach to increase project efficiency and provide more time focusing on issues unique to our clients.


Professional Tools

DYOPATH leverages best-in-class tools including Nessus, WebInspect, Metasploit, Open Source, custom proprietary tools and scripting languages.


Quality Deliverables

Our reporting is boardroom quality while at the same time providing technical details to your IT personnel to facilitate rapid remediation.  We believe that every path that fails is a win for your organization, and every path that succeeds provides you with clarity on where you need to plug gaps, add monitoring or increase monitoring.

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