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Rationalization & Optimization in the Cloud

Nov 26, 2021

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer at DYOPATH 

Too often, cloud computing is viewed as a service that gets turned on like a switch and runs on its own. The reality is much more complicated, especially if you’re looking for greater IT efficiency and security.  

If done right, moving your workloads to the cloud can put you at a competitive advantage. However, as I noted in my first blog, focusing first on strategy is crucial to determining the proper roadmap for your organization. 

My blog that followed discussed how an organization should start moving to the cloud. Because there are risks to a cloud migration that isn’t well-planned, many growing organizations will benefit from the support of an experienced cloud computing provider to establish a well-rounded cloud solution and the right steps to get there. 

How Do You Support Your Cloud Services? 

Even common cloud-based SaaS solutions like Salesforce require some form of governance. Many clients come to us only after they attempted a cloud solution that backfired and caused even more headaches. Organizations that migrate their IT to the cloud need a framework focused on end users to ensure they follow the proper rules and protocols.  

A strategic partner will provide any necessary oversight so that your cloud environment enhances your data security rather than create new risks. There are many different potential cloud models. What aspects need ongoing management will depend on the complexity of your needs. Your partner will make sure these four areas are covered going forward:  

  • Quality standards 
  • Security compliance 
  • Systems integration 
  • Technology upgrades 

Governing Your Evolving Solution in the Cloud 

Perhaps your organization has already migrated some of its IT to the cloud. What comes next? Typically, some reorganization will occur to account for the change. If done right, doing so should also increase your operating efficiency. But in some cases, there is no internal staff equipped to support and adjust your cloud-based tools and services as you evolve. The truth is, a more customized cloud solution may need additional support because the technology outweighs the resources and expertise necessary to manage it.  

In my experience helping clients migrate part or all of their IT to the cloud, the situation often requires ongoing services to oversee and administer their environment. An industry-leading Cloud Services Provider like DYOPATH can partner with you on the rationalization end to help you evaluate your assets and establish the best path for transferring workloads to the cloud. 

DYOPATH’S team of cloud computing specialists is available to discuss the best IT tools and services for your unique needs. Schedule a meeting with a specialist today to find out more about what our Cloud Services can do for you.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you’ve been following our campaign, I hope I shed some light on how to migrate to the cloud safely and strategically. Learn more about DYOPATH and our diverse cloud offerings by visiting our website. 

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer 

About the author: Rob Koch is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DYOPATH and a pioneer within the MSP vertical. He sets the culture, vision, strategy, and overall business direction across DYOPATH. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in his values of adventure, determination, health, learning, love, peace, and success.