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What’s Wrong with Your IT Strategy & How to Fix IT

Jan 28, 2022

Jesse Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer at DYOPATH   

The pandemic has been as big a test of IT readiness as any cyber threat could pose. In the past, a complex organization might get away with a siloed, disjointed approach to its IT infrastructure. However, through the lockdowns and digital migrations of the past two years, the ones I’ve seen respond effectively could do so because they had a managed service provider (MSP) already in place.  

I expect this trend to grow in the road ahead, as more organizations look to MSPs to strategize in several fundamental areas:  

  • Accelerate their digital transformation 
  • Connect with off-site customer service teams  
  • Respond to remote customers 
  • Meet compliance regulations 
  • Address security risks that threaten operational efficiency  

Identifying How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your IT Approach 

When business owners and other prospects first come to me, they are almost always struggling to identify the gaps in their IT. Doing so is key to creating a cohesive IT strategy that aligns the processes that will support your operations – and not stymie growth. Consulting with a service provider can go a long way in pinpointing which aspects of your IT approach aren’t working, as well as which ones are.  

Any number of different services might maximize the effectiveness of your IT, from third-party hosting or service desk assistance to a fully outsourced solution. But too many organizations make those decisions while not fully informed. A good provider educates its prospects before diagnosing a solution. This process should start with an IT maturity assessment that establishes a benchmark and pinpoints gaps in processes and technologies that need to be addressed. 

What Support Will Your IT Need in 2022 and Beyond? 

What do I mean by “maturity?” A mature IT structure is positioned to evolve, identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks as they appear. The good news is that increasingly flexible partnering models are available to address the rise in digital demands. In the future, I envision a movement of strategic partnerships taking form between service providers and a full spectrum of organizations to create turnkey solutions that will be crucial for transitioning their IT processes. 

We can all agree that the pre-2020 world we knew won’t return any time soon, and some CEOs found out the hard way that producing rapid, reliable change is essential for businesses to survive. With its long track record of cross-industry experience, an MSP like DYOPATH can install the latest hybrid, cloud-based solutions when you need them so you can stay focused on doing what you do best. 

DYOPATH’S team of industry-leading experts will help you ensure your organization’s IT is prepared for whatever comes – and based purely on your unique needs. Learn more about our highly customizable Managed Services on our website, and schedule a meeting today. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Future of IT Services” campaign, we’re showing organizational leaders how to maximize the effectiveness of their IT approach in 2022. In my next two blogs, I’ll discuss the IT Maturity Model diagnoses lingering issues, and how to execute a new support model for your organization. 


Jesse Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer

About the author: As the Chief Revenue Officer at DYOPATH, Jesse Alexander leads the company’s strategy, sales and service delivery. A former Army Officer, he has helped deliver growth, profitability and client satisfaction for companies in the healthcare, legal and manufacturing sectors. Jesse has led IT Managed Services and BPO services for some of the largest companies in the US, introducing cloud hosting, hyper-converged technologies and artificial intelligence to support their needs.