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Cloud First – Done Right

Nov 12, 2021

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer at DYOPATH 

During the pandemic, the cloud has been a life-saver for all types of organizations. But it can provide a false sense of security that can backfire without the proper approach. One of the biggest struggles I see in organizational leaders is difficulty vetting solutions.  

You can avoid this pitfall by working with an experienced cloud computing provider that will thoroughly examine your environment first before determining the requirements for any cloud solutions. In my last blog, I discussed the need to define a cohesive cloud strategy before starting to migrate workloads. Once you achieve a thorough understanding of your needs, you can devise a strategy that will put you ahead of the competition – and then start your transition.  

How Does an Organization Start Moving to the Cloud? 

As even small businesses use cloud-based tools for day-to-day tasks, more are moving servers to the cloud. Even these seemingly small solutions can bring unexpected complexities and risks. Rather than resort to off-the-shelf solutions, seek out a unique and cohesive solution that meets all of your requirements. Doing so will help you secure and optimize your data assets as well as retain employees. 

To vet out the right solutions for your needs, consider these five key factors: 

  1. Functionality. What are the capabilities of your current IT solutions?  
  2. Performance. Define the specific requirements needed from your cloud services.  
  3. Risk management. Identify and assess possible threats to your assets and the vulnerabilities of your current environment. 
  4. Cloud computing security needs. Make sure you’ll be protected from evolving cyberthreats. 
  5. Customization. A tailored cloud security system will be based on important compliance standards, your unique IT infrastructure, and tools that address cyberthreats. 

What You Need to Implement the Right Cloud Solutions 

Today’s workers expect to work from anywhere, on any device, which is why implementing the right solutions can put organizations at a competitive advantage. Will your organization benefit most from a hybrid cloud strategy that has the flexibility to move workloads between cloud solutions? Or perhaps a multi-cloud strategy that protects you from issues with one provider? A proven Managed Service Provider (MSP) like DYOPATH will help you customize a model to fit your organizational strategy. 

The cloud computing specialists at DYOPATH can explain precisely how to assess your current state, and follow up by tailoring solutions to meet your organization’s unique demands.  We’re committed to keeping your IT operations, critical applications, and data protected. Visit our website and schedule a meeting today. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “The Illusion of Cloud, Don’t Be a Statistic” campaign, we’re showing organizational leaders the most advantageous ways to move to the cloud. I have one remaining blog for this campaign, in which I’ll discuss optimization in the cloud. 

Learn more about DYOPATH and our diverse, cloud-based services by visiting our website. 

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer

About the author: Rob Koch is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DYOPATH and a pioneer within the MSP vertical. He sets the culture, vision, strategy, and overall business direction across DYOPATH. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in his values of adventure, determination, health, learning, love, peace, and success.