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The Key to Transforming Your IT

Oct 8, 2022

In the first half of 2022, 115,000 new IT jobs were reportedly added. This urgent need for talent poses a double-edged sword to growing organizations. In my first blog, I addressed the challenges of recruiting and retention in today’s climate. I followed it with a blog about the toll these challenges often take on organizational culture – a problem that can best be addressed through outsourcing. 

These days, it will often take two months or more to fill a high-demand tech role. But outsourcing those needed skills takes no time at all, which is why so many companies are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to fill in their gaps in tools and talent. You can typically choose from two basic business models, depending on your needs:  

  1. Shared Services: End users receive employee support remotely.  
  2. Dedicated Support: A trained expert is located onsite with the organization.

Case Study: How Managed Services Provided a Lifeline to Off-Site Employees 

IT and HR execs should be paying attention to case studies like this one that illustrate how outsourcing IT support works for real companies. A business that provides compression services in the oil and gas industry was in a bind because most of its employees were on the road throughout the country, every day, and in need of round-the-clock IT support. The primary challenge was keeping hundreds of vital workers supported and connected at all hours in a cost-effective manner so the company could meet their needs and grow without sacrificing quality or personnel. 

An industry-leading MSP, DYOPATH designed a solution for them that combined hosting, security, and 24/7 dedicated service desk support with faster threat response. It also updated their system by providing infrastructure hardware and application management, as well as onsite technical support. This may sound like a lot, but it lowered IT costs for the client by streamlining their processes. Because managed services are highly scalable, the services provided were also able to expand along with the client’s needs. 


Outsourcing IT Services Puts Control Back in Your Hands 

The fact is, the current landscape of outdated IT systems is simply not sustainable in a future of growing risks and more complex demands. Outsourcing works because it provides unprecedented flexibility of services where and when businesses need them. An MSP is not a staffing agency. But from a staffing standpoint, providers have the ability and resources to deliver targeted expert help, both on and off site, without delay, removing the need for a time-consuming search. The client still has the freedom to recruit, train and manage their people within the IT environment – but they can improve productivity and morale dramatically by letting someone else do the managing for them. 

DYOPATH ensures that clients only choose solutions that match their IT needs. Our team of experts is equipped to assess your system and design the most appropriate service package for your organization, on site or off. Schedule a meeting with a specialist today to find out how to resolve your HR needs through managed services.



Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you’ve been following our latest series, I hope I shed some light on the potential of managed services to solve hiring and retention challenges in IT in any organization. Learn more about DYOPATH and our diverse managed services offerings by visiting our website.