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The Business Challenges of IT Recruiting and Retention

Sep 10, 2022

Imagine a world where hiring and retention weren’t a concern for IT departments. According to a recent Gartner Survey, IT executives view talent shortages as the biggest adoption barrier to emerging technologies today. This applies to IT automation technologies and digital workplace technologies alike. Moving forward, the shortage of IT engineers in the US will only worsen the problem. It’s a lot for any HR department to handle.  

If you’re struggling with workforce fatigue, there’s a big chance it’s related to difficulties recruiting, nurturing, and retaining talent in these areas. Yet a wariness of outsourcing persists in some quarters because businesses mistakenly think it will mean relinquishing control of their systems. Having worked in HR management across several industries, I’ve helped many organizational leaders understand how the opposite is true when you reach out to the experts for help. Outsourced support gives you:  

  1. A more efficient recruiting process 
  2. A lower turnover rate 
  3. Consistent, high-quality IT output

The Organization-Wide Toll of Inadequate IT Talent  

Clients from all types of industries are seeking help from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) – and they express the same essential problem. Whether it’s the Great Resignation or simply too much demand for tech skills, the result is clear: service delivery challenges, project backlog, and IT fatigue, all of which impact revenue. When key workers leave, all of that training, institutional knowledge and brain power walks out the door with them. You may relate if your organization has experienced: 

  1. Low IT quality or output despite overtime hours  
  2. Stressed employees impacting your organizational culture  
  3. A loss of resources or intellectual capital when workers leave 
  4. A cycle of costly rehiring and retraining  
  5. Organizational downtime as a result of hiring issues 

What could protect you from those things is the continuity of service from the right MSP.

How Managed IT Services Protect You from Tech Staffing Instability 

Organizations that partner with a trusted MSP like DYOPATH can avoid the pitfalls described above. Your partner can provide end user support, tactile services, and continuity of service within a particular resource. Clients have access to the latest in tools and cybersecurity services, as well as a team of IT experts from day one. And if your system and processes are well-documented through your provider, when an engineer leaves the impact is mitigated and won’t lead to a disruption in production.  

DYOPATH gives you access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date suite of IT tools and services on the market. We thoroughly assess each client’s circumstances to tailor solutions that match their needs. Learn more about our highly customizable services on our website, and schedule a meeting today.  

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Mitigating Employee Retention in IT” series, we’re showing organizations how to boost employee retention by outsourcing their IT. In my next two blogs, I’ll reveal the key to transforming your IT – and your company culture with it. Sign up here to stay in the know.