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The Digital Workplace Can’t Work Without Data Workflow

Apr 7, 2023

Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President at DYOPATH  


As The Enterprises Project recently pointed out, organizations today need to adapt to supply chain disruptions, time-to-market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations through digitalization. But some approaches work better than others. In a recent blog, I discussed the critical need for a game plan first, before automating your workflow. Important questions must be answered before diving into a solution that might not be the best match for your needs.  

Is big data still being manually processed in your organization? What else is needed to prepare you for the monetary investment that digitization requires? The right Managed Service Partner (MSP) doesn’t just swoop in with solutions. They help you grasp those initial questions so that your data workflow can become digital-ready at every level of the organization.  

Is Your Organization Ready to Automate Its Workflow to Increase Efficiency?  

Workflow automation ensures the flow of work-related activities can be performed independently, with minimal interruption. Determining your readiness for automation requires you to identify the processes and systems within your organization that will be impacted. From what I’ve seen, your attitude toward change can also determine your readiness to begin automating your workflow. Whether a place is more forward-thinking or focused on the past alone is a pretty good indicator. 

Asking key questions can help determine whether you’re ready for a digital workplace: 

  1. Is cross-communication between departments encouraged or ignored?  
  2. Are processes a certain way because they’ve always been that way? 
  3. Is the organization more adaptable and flexible or more risk averse? 
  4. Does your organization welcome input or adhere to party lines?  

What you don’t want is digital change just for the sake of it. A trusted MSP with a long record of excellence such as DYOPATH can take an organization through all the necessary steps in the digital transformation playbook to ensure it is truly ready.  

The Path to Process Automation Solutions Starts with a High Quality MSP 

FInding the right partner – ideally one that can provide all of the outsourced tools and services you’ll need – is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Rather than upselling unnecessary solutions, we assess your needs so you only get what you need for a more secure and streamlined IT system.  

Finally, many complex organizations will need assistance going through the steps necessary to achieving IT maturity in their environment based on the results of their assessment. Our experts focus on solutions that will support your larger business goals, and then move at the right pace for each client.  

Are you ready to digitize your workflow to fully thrive? DYOPATH offers customized solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs without ever suggesting unnecessary services. Visit our website for details and schedule a meeting today.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Process Maturity & Digital Transformation” campaign, we’re exploring  the importance of IT maturity in the digital transformation journey. In my final blog, I’ll explain why this process brings so much value to the organization. 


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Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President 


About the author: Chuck Orrico is a co-founder of DYOPATH, a board member, and serves as the company’s Executive Vice President (EVP). He is responsible for leading strategic growth initiatives across sales and marketing. Orrico has more than 35 years of experience helping clients develop business solutions through IT strategic planning, information management, and technology investment.