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You Can’t Automate The Flow Until You’ve Got The Game-Plan

Mar 24, 2023

Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President at DYOPATH 

The only constant in life is change. And there’s a reason four in ten CEOs today are taking a digital-first approach to change in their businesses. In search of a more robust business model, enterprises of all sizes are automating their processes to remain competitive and ultimately increase their revenue. The benefits are clear:  

  • Quicker process times 
  • Increased speed to market 
  • Higher efficiency leading to financial savings 
  • Better collaboration across departments 
  • Improved regulatory compliance 

But what will differentiate their level of success will depend on how they hammer out their game plan before diving into the process of automating all of their services. An experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) is needed for this stage, not just to establish the best road map for your organization. Your MSP is also there to implement a seamless and appropriate transition for your IT system. 

What Is Meant by the Digital Transformation of Processes? 

Every organization follows chains of command for even the smallest task to be approved – all of which are headed toward digitization. That starts with end user request management and extends to the process of extending provision or de-provisioning users. Three common examples of automation today are: 

  1. Digital Workplace: How HR processes systems and information to reduce email overload.  
  2. Facilities Management: The automation of facility requests, parking badge, office ID and other elements of their security systems. 
  3. Chat & Introduction of Chatbots:  Requests submitted through portals that trigger workflows.  

The leaders transforming today’s IT environments are, first and foremost, integrating digital technology into all processes throughout the organization. All of these areas must be assessed to determine how their automation will fit into your game plan; otherwise the whole system will begin to stagnate.  

Your Digital Strategy Will Align with Your Business Performance 

With both innovation and security as top concerns, businesses are finally addressing the barriers to digital transformation that have been slowing them down: namely, a lack of high-quality talent, followed by integration issues, both of which impact cybersecurity and regulation. Outsourcing to cloud-based services addresses these risks by providing access to the tools and skillsets that will keep their finances and reputations intact.  

On average, DYOPATH’S clients see a 20% or higher improvement thanks to better organization-wide efficiency. Our team of experts will design a game plan tailored to your specific needs. Learn more about our highly customizable services on our website, and schedule a meeting today. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Process Maturity & Digital Transformation” campaign, we’re exploring the importance of IT maturity in the digital transformation journey. In my next two blogs, I’ll explore how to get ready for automation, and how much value this will bring to your organization. 

Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President 


About the author: Chuck Orrico is a co-founder of DYOPATH, a board member, and serves as the company’s Executive Vice President (EVP). He is responsible for leading strategic growth initiatives across sales and marketing. Orrico has more than 35 years of experience helping clients develop business solutions through IT strategic planning, information management, and technology investment.