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Digital Transformation Is About People (You)

Apr 21, 2023

Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President at DYOPATH  


Nearly every business leader I hear from is aware of the urgency of digitalization. But they don’t quite know how to get started on their game plan, which is vital to a proper transition. In my first blog, I discussed what digitized processes look like, and followed it with an explanation of how to know you’re ready for all your workflows to be automated.  

To help organizations get past their fear of automation, it helps for them to understand that transforming and digitizing their processes is about people, not just technology. After all, interactions with clients, customers and other end users are among the main areas being transformed by automation. You don’t need to be a tech geek to make the leap – that’s the job of your Managed Service Provider. You just need to be willing to explore your processes with an eye toward creating a more consistent and streamlined company culture.   

Why People Are Key to Successful Transformations, Improved Culture & ROI  

Business leaders tend to focus on their ROI when considering digital transformation. What they should keep in mind is the reason most digital transformations are unsuccessful – because organizations fail to understand the role of people in creating a vision, communicating it throughout the organization, and then executing it successfully. Taking a people-first approach will help you adapt to digitization more quickly and pivot your strategy when necessary. 

Even with an investment in smart tools and resources, a lack of communication can stymie your digital transformation and cost you both in time and financial resources. It’s common for folks in different departments to take the initiative and begin implementing applications and programs in an effort to modernize. However, I’ve seen more than a few such scenarios lead to inefficiencies down the line, and even take organizations in the wrong direction when they try to move forward as a whole.  

Cloud Services Bring Value, Risk Mitigation & ROI  

Today’s organizational leaders are wise to invest in engineers and other workers who can harness the latest technology. But many will still need to outsource their IT needs to a service that won’t walk out the door with employees who leave with that knowledge. Your MSP won’t just bring your processes into the cloud, but they’ll help you communicate your digital path, as well as ensure your end users are set up to handle their new digital capabilities.  

One of the main reasons for partnering with a proven and trusted partner is that they will provide access to the most up-to-date skills and knowledge to make the most of your digital journey, while also assisting with training and other people-focused initiatives.  

DYOPATH provides a broad range of IT services to existing, prospective and depot clients. Our team of experts can assess your system and provide the most appropriate service package for your organization. Schedule a meeting with a specialist to get started on your digital transformation today. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you’ve been following our campaign, I hope I shed some light on the convergence of process maturity and digital transformation, as well as how to get started on your game plan. Learn more about DYOPATH and our diverse managed services by visiting our website. 

Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President 


About the author: Chuck Orrico is a co-founder of DYOPATH, a board member, and serves as the company’s Executive Vice President (EVP). He is responsible for leading strategic growth initiatives across sales and marketing. Orrico has more than 35 years of experience helping clients develop business solutions through IT strategic planning, information management, and technology investment.