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Is Your Technology Aligning with Your Business Goals?

Jul 9, 2021

Do you ever get the feeling a client is putting the cart before the horse when it comes to IT? Many organizations fail to get the sequence quite right when setting up their IT services. Perhaps their original system worked for a while but isn’t designed to grow with them. A costly data breach, a stressed IT department, and frustrated end users are all signs that something isn’t working. 

Agents have the power to help decision makers understand that technology plays a role in every aspect of business – that their uncertainty can be alleviated by an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) with highly flexible solutions. Proper alignment is necessary for crucial outcomes including: 

  • Reduced risks and costs  
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Innovation 
  • Compliance 
  • Security 

 There are many ways the right MSP can help organizations remove roadblocks holding their clients back from the ideal IT framework. When DYOPATH helps clients align business and IT, those organizations typically see a 20% or greater improvement across service levels and productivity.  


What Is Stopping Your Clients from Outsourcing IT Solutions?  

If there appears to be a lack of alignment at an organization, the question to figure out is why. Perhaps someone at the top bought into a solution that sounded good but didn’t address their particular needs and challenges. Technology investments can be misguided if organizations are not fully informed about their options. Even well-intentioned solutions can keep them from meeting short- and long-term business goals.  

Especially when organizations are expanding, they will need a second pair of eyes to identify their biggest IT challenges and pinpoint the most appropriate solutions. What is the mindset of the people calling the shots? Find out what factors have influenced them to invest in their current system. Their response will tell you if their decisions were guided by anxiety or insufficient information about their options and help you establish a baseline for their existing IT. 


Investigate Any Existing IT Inefficiencies  

Many organizations need help understanding whether there are gaps in their IT environment. Agents can get a sense of what the roadblocks are simply by discussing clients’ concerns over inefficiencies in their systems. Here are some preliminary questions for organizational leaders unsure whether their IT is aligned with broader organizational goals: 

  1. Do you consider your IT a strategic business partner? If there is a disconnect between their IT strategy and their business strategy, outsourcing their IT services is the best way to reap the most value from an MSP.  
  2. Does management regularly spend time putting out tech-related fires that distract them from working toward growth targets?
  3. Have you implemented IT-enabled business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions to enhance business outcomes and growth – and if so, what are the results?  
  4. Do end users complain about technical inefficiencies? If so, that is likely putting a drag on productivity. 

Questions that explore the relationship between IT and business output help reveal to clients what an inadequate IT system could be costing them.  


How Cloud-Based IT Solutions Bridge Gaps in Alignment 

An organization may be aware its servers and systems need updating yet feel unready to move some of its processes to the cloud. Fortunately, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to achieve IT that is aligned for more business success. It can outsource one part of its IT or the entire system.  

Agents can provide peace of mind by letting clients know about the adaptability of cloud solutions and how seamlessly their missing skillsets can be outsourced to a team of experts. DYOPATH’S business first, results-driven approach delivers many outcomes: 

  • Reduced risk and minimized exposure 
  • Increased productivity and profits 
  • Strengthened business and IT alignment 
  • Heightened security posture 
  • Increased technology adoption across organizations 

An external IT consultancy service can uncover which areas need the most help. An MSP will strategize with them and provide a more informed perspective on what’s slowing them down – and which cloud services can reverse the trend.  


A Trusted Path to Client Success 

When organizations consciously align business and technology, they are in a better position to achieve their goals in growth and innovation. Agents can remind them what differentiates a trusted industry leader such as DYOPATH from less experienced providers. We ensure that technical solutions enable organizations instead of holding them back. 

If you would like to know more about how DYOPATH can successfully align your clients’ technology with their business goals, call 866-609-PATH or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our experts. Just fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.