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Achieving Business Goals with IT Staff Augmentation

Dec 13, 2021

Staff augmentation refers to a strategy for outsourcing IT to staff projects, often with remote developers, in order to fill in skills gaps. For many organizations, it has become the answer to increasingly complex IT environments and ever-present human capital shortages. When done using the right provider, it promotes the client’s business objectives, as well.  

Yet, one of the most challenging tasks for an agent is explaining to potential clients the connection between outsourcing IT needs and achieving their organizational goals. It’s not because the connection is so difficult to understand. Rather, it requires breaking through the perception that IT and growth are separate and unconnected. Agents can let executives and IT leaders know that, increasingly, outsourcing is a more effective way to build growth and efficiency than building up in-house staff.  

Which Organizations Benefit from Staff Augmentation? 

Many organizations that aren’t tech-central but are still aiming to grow are in a good position to augment their staffing needs through outsourced IT provided by a trusted managed service provider (MSP). If a lack of talent is causing stagnation or organizational inefficiencies, agents can help them realize this is part of a larger trend that more organizations are addressing by outsourcing IT to fill in those gaps. Doing so is allowing these organizations to refocus on core business goals and development while their provider handles the IT heavy lifting.  

Help Clients Spot Gaps in Talent Pool

Have your clients hired IT people who are not able to complete all the tasks required of them? Tech positions aren’t so easy to source in today’s climate, causing hiring companies to pluck candidates from more diverse backgrounds to close the skills gap. High unemployment, record job postings, and difficulty finding qualified talent are all leading organizations to fill tech positions with workers who may not have all of the required qualifications.   

None of these realities changes an organization’s fundamental needs. Part of your role as an agent is to help clients spot those gaps in their talent pool. As complexities and cybersecurity threats grow, a small or medium-sized organization will still need access to:  

  • Professionals with extensive training  
  • Proper certifications 
  • The latest cybersecurity tools 
  • Coding languages 
  • Automatic upgrades 

How Staff Augmentation Promotes Business Growth 

As someone who speaks with executives from varying industries and organizations, an agent is in a unique position to illustrate how outsourcing can unburden them of risks, stresses, and distractions caused by inadequate IT.  

How do you frame the topic of staff augmentation to potential clients? There can be different approaches to the subject, depending on the client’s specific needs and circumstances. Here are three questions to ask a client that is considering outsourcing part or all of their IT: 

  1. What is their larger mission, and what do they need to achieve it? Staff augmentation is particularly beneficial for project-based enterprises that are often in a state of flux.
  2. Is their organization getting bogged down by a lack of technology talent? IT outsourcing can help any type of organization realize more potential among their employees. 
  3. Does their IT support model include all of the resources to move their business forward? With IT staff augmentation, organizations can use outsourced support, software, talent, and other resources on an as-needed basis, while still being able to manage workers themselves. 

Most of all, let organizational leaders know that outsourcing frees up precious time, resources, and money that can help them achieve the growth they want. A provider like DYOPATH can stay on top of anticipated changes in technology, customer concerns, security, and regulations while your clients focus on their business priorities.  

A Cost-Effective Solution that Serves Growth Needs  

Even a client in dire need of outsourcing may not see the forest for the trees. If they have insufficient security, for instance, they may be unaware that staff augmentation will help them combat increasingly complex cyber threats. Most organizations that don’t have the proper protection in place won’t survive a major data breach should one occur. Outsourcing can help them protect their data and other valuable assets that inadequate resources or talent may leave vulnerable.    

Technology plays a crucial role in other areas that contribute to growth. Outsourcing will allow clients to stay ahead of the competition by providing the most efficient and updated technology while maintaining industry standards and regulations – all of which will free up resources to pursue their goals. 

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