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Elevate Your Clients’ IT Function with Staff Augmentation

Nov 8, 2021

Staff augmentation through IT outsourcing is a growing trend that addresses inefficiencies and gaps in an organization’s system. A good agent can help business and IT leaders of those organizations understand how to position staff augmentation within their existing IT team.

Organizational leaders are often understandably reluctant to seek outside help. But staff augmentation can be a major competitive advantage for them. By finding out what their needs are, agents can educate them about the various options that have the potential to elevate their IT’s overall functionality. These are just some of the tools and services that can be outsourced to your clients:  

  • Advanced security services  
  • Cloud services 
  • Connectivity services  
  • Data center outsourcing 
  • IT spend management  
  • Managed services 
  • On-site workplace outsourcing  

Any combination of services a client chooses can be integrated into their system by a trusted managed service provider (MSP) with extensive outsourcing experience. Meanwhile, the client gets to keep what’s already working and maintain control of their overall system.  

Staff Augmentation Addresses Persisting Labor skills Gap 

The current labor shortage – and gaps in skillsets of existing workers – can be addressed quickly and efficiently by outsourcing IT. In a recent CNBC Technology Executive Council survey, 44% of respondents said finding qualified employees remains their biggest risk. Between fewer people in the workplace due to the pandemic, a lack of qualified talent, and tech jobs being filled by liberal arts majors, many employers are finding it hard to fill open positions. 

Agents are in a great position to address these types of issues with clients and help them resolve any labor issues within their organizations. 

How IT Outsourcing Fits in with Your Client’s Existing Team

Help clients understand the various functions that outsourcing provides. Any aspect of IT in an organization can be supplemented, improved, and protected from the outside. This ranges from services that workers perform, to cybersecurity, to hardware and software solutions. Here are some basic components of a client’s IT that can be addressed virtually: 

  • IT operations 
  • Network 
  • Systems 
  • Servers 
  • End-user support 
  • Security 

Because remote support will be able to resolve more promptly their end-user needs, their IT will be free to focus on what was already working. This enables the entire organization to focus on higher-value priorities. 

Outsourcing IT Labor Helps Elevate the IT Function of Client Organizations  

Continuously fatigued IT departments and stressed end users are extremely common in organizations where there is a mismatch between needs and skillsets. Agents can emphasize to clients the fact that businesses lose countless hours of productivity simply because their technical support is not set up to handle their specific demands. That this is the kind of problem that can be resolved through staff augmentation – for instance, through a centralized, remote service desk that provides software assistance and responds to employee questions.  

Clients may benefit from staff augmentation in a variety of ways: 

  • Determine specific needs to promote growth 
  • Fill in gaps in resources and talent 
  • Scale projects for ebbs and flows 
  • Meet compliance and industry standards 

Superior security is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing. A remote IT support team can become an extension of your client’s organization, working to significantly reduce risk and minimize exposure to cyber threats such as data breaches. A comprehensive suite of IT services can be customized to match perfectly with an organization’s individual needs, mitigating any risks and losses, while enabling them to stay ahead of threats and productivity.  

Agents Should Open Lines of Communication with Clients 

There’s no reason an informed agent, or solutions they’re offering, should be perceived as a threat to potential clients. When a client is struggling with inefficiency, find out why. Agents can let them know that newer operating models are transforming the way IT is being managed in a growing organization. Clients today can choose from different support models – shared, hybrid, and dedicated – depending on their size and complexity of their needs. 

Agents are effective in demonstrating how staff augmentation can elevate an existing internal team – even one that hasn’t been working as well as it should. Partnering with a trusted industry leader such as DYOPATH that has a track record of successful staff augmentation will make a big difference in how much functionality they regain.  

If you would like to know more about how DYOPATH maximizes flexibility and control for your clients, call 866-609-PATH or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our experts. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.