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Charitable Causes: Charities DYOPATH Supports

Jan 13, 2021

My name is Chuck Orrico, and I am the Executive Vice President for DYOPATH, an IT Managed Services and Cybersecurity firm with offices throughout the United States.  DYOPATH is an organization that is very passionate and committed to giving to charitable organizations. And while there are many charities we support, we have four main charities that we are especially passionate about. Children’s Advocacy Centers for Texas (CACTX), Boys and Girls Country, The Fisher House, and Heart for Honduras. Each of these charities is dedicated to improving the lives of either children, veterans, or those living in sub-standard conditions. Previously, I went into detail about which charities the DYOPATH family supports both from a voluntary and monetary perspective and would love for you to please check it out HERE.

Having personal experience with my own daughter experiencing health concerns, I decided I wanted to help children in any way I could, whether that was through helping them grow up through the Boys and Girls Country or helping them through the trauma of sexual abuse through CACTX.

CACTX, headquartered in Austin, TX, is dedicated to preventing the cycle of sexual child abuse. They serve 98% of counties in the state of Texas and their unique public/private infrastructure includes bringing together law enforcement, forensics, medical, legal, and caseworkers all into one facility. This is done to create a friendly and warm environment to help minimize the trauma children have experienced. I served on the board of CACTX for 10 years and during that time we would receive quarterly statistical reports that would reveal more than 20,000 cases of child sexual abuse being reported every quarter. The CACTX organization’s mission is to stop this cycle of abuse through expert care and education.

The next charity both DYOPATH and I support is the Boys and Girls Country. Unfortunately, every year there are parents who are unable to take care of their children for various reasons. The Boys and Girls Country gladly and lovingly take these children in and provide them homes to live in on The Boys and Girls Country property. They also place them with loving foster parent volunteers who have committed to raising these children as their own. They are taught about God and Christianity while also learning skills on how to lead productive lives. I have had the honor and the privilege of hearing many testimonials from children in the Boys and Girls Country that have been helped in the past who have grown up to attend college, become doctors, attorneys, and lead normal productive adult lives.

I personally come from a large military family and we employ multiple veterans at DYOPATH, so I wanted to make sure we were also supporting veterans. We accomplish this by supporting the Fisher House, an organization that helps veterans, who were in wartime activities and have come back with some type of PTSD illness. The Fisher House provides a friendly and compassionate environment providing physical and mental therapy support to help veterans adjust back to a normal life and become a productive member of society.

The final charity we support is called Heart for Honduras. This charity is led by Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball, TX, who gathers volunteers and travels down to Honduras to provide the people there with freshwater wells, medical, dental, and vision treatment that they normally wouldn’t receive. During the delivery of these services, the people of Honduras are also exposed to the gospel for the first time and receive Christ into their lives.

While it is easy to simply write a check or attend an annual gala and make a donation, I would strongly encourage anyone to go on a mission and experience the front lines of these great organizations. To physically deliver these great services in person is life-changing and incredibly rewarding to see the impact you have on a changed life.

When it comes to the future, I want to continue having DYOPATH support these charities. I want our financial commitment to continue to grow and have more employees experience the joy of volunteering. And as we continue to be blessed, I hope we in turn can help bless these charities’ growth enabling them to reach exponentially more people in need.

Thank you,

Chuck Orrico, Executive Vice President, DYOPATH


About Chuck Orrico

Orrico is a co-founder of DYOPATH, a board member and currently serves as the company’s Executive Vice President (EVP). He is responsible for leading strategic growth initiatives across both sales and marketing. Orrico has more than 35 years of experience in helping clients develop business solutions through IT strategic planning, information management and technology investment. Today, his entrepreneurial spirit and keen business acumen have helped DYOPATH maintain its focus on quality, which has resulted in improved business operations for its clients. His leadership is grounded in mentorship, business growth and client satisfaction. His passion for DYOPATH comes from the culture, values and working with “A” players.

Orrico’s hometown is Springfield, VA. Prior to his current role of EVP, Orrico was an Original Founder and CEO of DYONYX, which merged with Single Path on March 1, 2020, to create DYOPATH. Before co-founding DYONYX in 1996, Orrico worked 12 years at Hays Information Management, a multi-billion-dollar information management company with global operations. There, he held a variety of senior management leadership positions in sales, operations, technology and finance.

Orrico and his wife currently reside in Cypress, TX. He has three children, two grandchildren and three dogs. Outside of work, Orrico enjoys golf and listening to the podcast “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. His favorite quote is, “If you could erase all the mistakes of your past, you would also erase all of the wisdom of your present. Remember the lesson, not the disappointment.”

Orrico attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX on a four-year golf scholarship and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1984. As a firm believer in community service, he and his family support critically important causes such as Children’s Advocacy Center of Houston (CAC), Boys and Girls Country, Love 146, Salem Ministry Missions and College Golf Fellowship. He has served as the Past President of the Board of Directors for The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas www.cactx.org.