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IT as a Strategic Business Partner

Jan 21, 2021

Patrick Clary, President & Chief Operating Officer at DYOPATH 

Whether you are a business owner or in a leadership position in an organization, one of your aspirations is likely providing business operations that are well structured and streamlined for maximum productivity. But of course, there are many factors that affect the operations of any business, both internal and external.  

As an organizational leader, you may not have control over external factors like the current state of our economy. However, you can control what goes on within your organization, and in this era, one of the aspects that needs your utmost attention is IT management.  

Having a robust IT infrastructure and management system is no longer a luxury but a pre-requisite for any organization that wants to thrive. Although IT has always played a vital role in an organization’s successnever hathe need for prioritizing IT been more important for every business to remain resilient, as it has been over the last 12 months.  

In my previous blog, I talked about how digital transformation is a must for any organization that wants to succeed in this era. In this blog, I will share with you the need for positioning your IT as a strategic partner, adding maximum value to your organization, its employees, and its clients. 

The Impact of Inefficient IT Management on Your Organization  

As a business leader, you will experience the most impact from a flawed IT management system. When your customers and employees are not happy because of inefficiencies in both business processes and service, your entire organization will begin to falter. You will start to see some of your best employees wanting to leave, an increase in complaints from customers, and a decrease in customer retention rate. At the end of the day, revenue and profits will be affected too.   

These are the things that cause businesses to fail, and if not attended to, your business could be on its road to failure too.  

It might sound drastic that IT issues could lead to something so extreme. But at DYOPATH, we see it every day.   

Typically in this scenario, one or both of the following flaws in IT management can be seen: 

  • Employees are always being interrupted from their core tasks because of poorly or unmanaged IT processes, leading to frequent downtime in productivity. 
  • Internal IT staff are bombarded with fixing simple IT-related issues, leaving them unable to focus on providing security over your organization’s network.  

When your team is not productive because of IT management flaws, your customers will likely notice this in the services you provide them. And when customers begin to suffer, it can be difficult to recover.  

End the Cycle with DYOPATH’S Service Desk and NOC 

To end the negative impact of flawed IT services, you need to treat IT as a strategic business partner and understand the power that it has to affect your entire organization. Our IT Service Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) solutions will return your organization to the path that you envisioned as a leader.  

With IT support from DYOPATH, you will experience the following:  

  1. 24/7 support and rapid resolution of any IT issues that arise 

Our team has the expertise and is equipped with the necessary tools to deal with any IT issue that your organization may face. We have an impressive first call resolution of 82%, which is way above the industry’s average of 60%. This means most of your issues will be fixed with just one call.  

  1. Employee productivity 

When we take over your IT support services, your employees will no longer have to be burdened with resolving IT issues on their own. This will allow them to entirely focus on their core roles and responsibilities, which will in the end boost their productivity. 

  1. More satisfied clients   

When your team is not distracted by the failure of their customer service toolsthey will be able to perform their job roles at maximum efficiency, giving your customers top-notch customer service. This will lead to fewer complaints, more customer retention, and more referrals. 

By simply stepping aside and letting us take care of your IT services, your organization’s true purpose will be restored. At DYOPATH, we provide the services needed to position your IT as a strategic partner for your business, dedicated to creating a win-win-win solution focused on improving your organization as a whole. 

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. As part of our “Turn Your IT Organization into a Strategic Partner for the Business” campaign, we are aiming to educate business leaders on the benefits of having an IT organization in a partnership role.  I have one more blog coming up where I’ll be further discussing how outsourced managed services can bring alignment between IT and the needs of your organization. 

You can learn more about DYOPATH and our Managed Services by visiting our website. 

Patrick Clary, President & Chief Operating Officer 



About the author: Patrick Clary is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DYOPATH. He is responsible for planning and executing the overall vision, mission, strategy, and operations of the organization. Clary’s greatest strengths are leadership, risk mitigation, change management, and a passion for problem-solving. He is known for having his finger on the pulse of DYOPATH’S major business initiatives, delivering operational excellence, and an ability to provide guidance and mitigating risk by asking questions. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in a servant mentality, always doing the right thing, and acting like an owner when making decisions. His passion for DYOPATH comes from the ability to have an impact each day on the lives of employees and clients.