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Ideally, Your Hardware Supplier Should Have These 5 Green Flags

Jul 31, 2023

When it comes to building a secure business that’s able to confidently weather the always-changing storm of cyber threats, it’s incredibly important to have the right hardware — and that means you need a hardware supplier you can trust to keep your data secure.

Dyopath 5 Green Flags To Look For In A Hardware Supplier

Your hardware supplier is one of the most serious decisions your business will have to make. The right (or wrong) hardware will have a major impact on the security of your assets, sensitive information, customer data, and much more — it’s a decision every business has to get right. 

Here’s how to choose the best hardware supplier for the security of your organization:


When choosing a hardware supplier, you usually don’t want to work with the new kid on the block. This is one area where expertise counts — a good hardware supplier should have extensive experience and knowledge. It should be an encyclopedia of cybersecurity wisdom, with a comprehensive understanding of all the latest security trends, technologies, strategies, and solutions. 

Your hardware supplier should also have an impressive and verifiable track record, with plenty of testimonials and reviews from past clients. On top of providing hardware, your supplier should be a reliable source of guidance, information, and support when it comes to security.

Ease of Use

The hardware your business uses should make your operations easier, not harder. If you rely on needlessly complex and convoluted systems, you make yourself a candidate for stress, errors, poorly aligned teams, and confusion — all of which can potentially compromise your overall security.

Your hardware supplier should ensure its product is user friendly wherever possible, so it can be operated safely and effectively even by non-technical users.

Ease of Submitting Tickets

At some point, you’re going to run into a hardware issue. And when you do, getting support and resolving the issue should be a simple, stress-free process.

Dyopath 5 Green Flags To Look For In A Hardware Supplier

Your hardware supplier should have a seamless, straightforward way to submit tickets and get assistance. The best suppliers offer multiple contact channels of communication, like email, phone, and other custom methods (like via an app).

Upgrades & Customization

Cybersecurity threats are evolving all the time, so your hardware needs to do the same. A good hardware supplier will help you do this by providing regular upgrades, patches, and adaptations to ensure you stay ahead of the game and are constantly protected.

Every organization has its own unique set of security needs, and these needs can change quickly and drastically over time. Your supplier should offer customized hardware solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Warranty & Support

Investing in hardware is a long-term commitment, so you’ll want to have peace of mind that the equipment will reliably last for a long time.

Any good hardware supplier will offer warranties on their hardware so you don’t have to worry about technical malfunctions or other problems. They should also offer ongoing post-purchase support so you can easily get in touch if an issue arises or repairs are needed.

The DYOPATH Approach

At DYOPATH, we have a series of processes in place to ensure our customers get the very best hardware for their needs along with ongoing support. Our solution, PC Depot, brings together two decades of depot experience, a well-established PC management tracking system, and a team of highly trained and skilled experts.

Our system is designed to be as easy and user-friendly as possible. You just need to open a ticket, and we’ll take care of the rest — and we support email, phone, and custom options based on your specific needs.

Our customer relationships are ongoing and long-term, which is why we offer equipment upgrades, a range of warranty, repair, and replacement options, and support for a variety of devices. On top of that, we can image and configure machines for different departments and applications. After all, your hardware supplier should be the solution to your company’s security concerns — not the cause of them.

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