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Choosing The Right Computer Supplier for your Business

Jul 17, 2023

What do you need to run a secure organization? Software, yes. Support from the right cybersecurity team, for sure. But one of the most important factors for security, which is often overlooked or not taken seriously, is hardware.

Choosing The Right Computer Supplier For Your Business 1

The hardware devices your operation uses are critical to its security. If they aren’t properly managed and secured, they can be compromised, leading to devastating attacks on your assets.

One report by Dell found that 63% of organizations had experienced at least one data breach in the year prior due to hardware vulnerabilities. And in a recent report by Intel, 36% of respondents said they have adopted hardware-assisted security solutions with another 47% of respondents saying they plan to do so soon.

Hardware covers everything from your keyboards to your printers. However, the PC is at the heart of hardware security, and where most of your security efforts should focus. One of the best ways to secure your PC against the ever-increasing range of cyber threats out there is to work with a computer supplier who understands your unique needs, goals, situation, and challenges.

In this article, we’ll show you how the right computer supplier can help ensure your hardware is protected.

Why the Right Computer Suppliers for Hardware Security Make All the Difference

When it comes to hardware security, one of the best decisions you can make is to work with a team of professionals who know what they’re doing. Working with the right computer supplier can be beneficial for a ton of reasons — let’s take a look at some of the biggest ones.


Your hardware infrastructure needs to be able to scale. As your organization grows, your hardware capabilities will need to grow with it to support your changing demands. If you can’t do this relatively smoothly and successfully, you’re in for a bad time.

The right computer supplier can help you scale your hardware by putting the right processes in place to deploy assets quickly, configure machines, and make relevant changes to your hardware ecosystem. This is especially important for larger organizations with lots of PCs deployed, many of which are now remote.

This takes the pressure off your internal IT teams. When they’re no longer spending large chunks of their time focusing on getting and securing new laptops for various parts of the company, your IT talent has much more time to focus on their own mission-critical, higher-level work.


In today’s cybersecurity landscape, your PCs and other hardware are under threat from more angles than ever before. In this kind of environment, mediocre security won’t suffice.

Your computer supplier should have a strong focus on hardware security. This includes physical security — your hardware assets when off-premises should be stored in a safe location — as well as the security of your data.

Choosing The Right Computer Supplier For Your Business 2

Another important thing to consider here is insurance. If something happens to your hardware, will you be financially protected? Today’s organizations often have significant amounts of money invested in their hardware devices, especially computers, so it pays to have some cover.


Your computer supplier should be a partner of your organization, which means they should be willing to work flexibly with you on different aspects of your hardware needs.

Tasks like ordering assets, supplying inventory, and decommissioning assets for disposal are critical activities that should be done collaboratively. Your computer supplier should be open to communicating and working with you in these areas. They should work to find a solution that fits your specific set of needs, instead of just providing something out of the box.

On top of that, consider things like warranty and replacement policies, so you know you’re covered and have peace of mind in the long term.

The most important thing is finding a computer supplier who understands you. Your goal should be to build a relationship that lasts for a long time — you should be able to grow and evolve together with your supplier, so it’s essential to find a partner who is on your wavelength.

Manage your Hardware with DYOPATH

At DYOPATH, we help our clients manage their hardware infrastructure and ensure security, reliability, and peace of mind at all times.

We have decades of experience helping businesses manage their PCs and other hardware as their organization scales, taking the strain off internal IT staff, and even developing customized kits for clients.

We ensure the highest standard of security for hardware assets, keeping them in a highly secure dedicated location with comprehensive insurance policies. And we work closely with all our clients — building flexible and collaborative relationships that can develop and grow over time.

Our hardware management takes place through our PC Depot, which is a hub for all hardware devices where we can deploy, track, and, if needed, destroy your hardware securely and reliably.

Get in touch with us today to learn more and get started.