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Win-Win-Win with IT Service Desk & NOC

Oct 5, 2020

Patrick Clary, President & Chief Operating Officer at DYOPATH  

Mostly every business leader aspires to have successfully choreographed organizational structure. From top to bottom, you want to see optimized workflows, seamless processes, and of course, growth and profits.  

Although outside economical forces can derail the best of plans, within your own organizationthere should be a certain level of control that you can maintain.  

But what if you can’t? What if a seemingly small internal issue spreads like wildfire, throwing your organization into chaos? It begins with one thing being out of place, which in turn, compromises the function of the entire organization. In this case, that one thing is your organization’s IT management 

It happens much more often than you may know. Working at DYOPATH, I have seen this firsthand as organizations struggled to recover from what began as a simple flaw in IT management and quickly turned into an organization-wide downward spiral. 

In my last blog, I talked about the discovery process behind this issue – understanding who is improperly handling your organization’s IT and the risks it poses to your business. In this blog, I am going to discuss the negative chain reaction that flows between upper management, employees, and clients when IT services are mismanaged and how an outsourced Service Desk and Network Operations Center provides a winning solution to prevent or repair this 

Are Poorly Managed IT Services Causing You Organization-Wide Suffering? 

When your organization’s IT management isn’t running like a well-oiled machine, everyone suffers.  

Your Employees 

The first sign of this is usually seen at the employee level. There are several situations that could be leading your employees to feeling the negative impacts of poorly managed IT at your organization:  

  • An employee who does not specialize in technical support is being multitasked with managing your organization’s IT in addition to their primary responsibilities. 
  • An employee’s productivity is regularly interrupted due to technical issues and they have no one to aid them in issue resolution, resulting in extensive downtime.  
  • Internal IT staff is unable to focus on strategic initiatives and network monitoring and management because they are constantly being inundated with helping other staff overcome routine technical problems and requests.  

All of the above situations lead to lowered employee productivity, leaving your employees to feel the strain of poor job performance, even if it is not within their control.  

From here, the effects branch out to reach both your organization’s clients and you, the business owner or executive. 

Your Clients 

When your employees struggle to sufficiently manage their workflow, how can they offer the appropriate dedication needed to care for your clients? Most likely, they can’t, and your clients will surely feel a decline in their customer experience.  

This could be materializing as inadequate communication, malfunctioning end-user operations, and delayed services and resolutions.  

Once your clients start to suffer, you know the situation is critical. 


As one of the primary (or sole) stakeholders in your organization, you will possibly be the one to experience the greatest distress from poorly managed IT services. If you have not already begun to see the situation unravel, the following is a close indication of what your near future may look like without the appropriate intervention: 

Your employees are failing to be productive (typically at no fault of their own). They’re likely disgruntleddisheartened, and may even be seeking less stressful employment elsewhere. You want to increase employee productivity, but with your current IT process in place, that is impossible to attain. Within an alarmingly swift timeframe, your clients, whom you have worked so hard to acquire and sustain, are now experiencing unsatisfactory service. You begin to see an increase in client complaints and retention rates are dwindling. Before long, you wonder if your organization has reached a significant point of no return. 

If you think this sounds a bit drastic, please believe that it does happen. Businesses fail every day and this or a similar scenario has already played out for many of them.  

End the Cycle with DYOPATH’S Service Desk and NOC 

Ending this organization-wide suffering begins with getting out of the IT business. Your organization has a core focus to return to, and at DYOPATH, our core focus is helping you get there. Our expertly-managed Service Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) are the cost-effective solutions that you need to return your organization to the streamlined, productive, revenue-generating business you envisioned.  

As I mentioned in my last blog, an IT Service Desk keeps your operations running smoothly, providing a single point of contact (SPOC) for all of your IT needs. This is including, but not limited to, incident resolution, service requests, troubleshooting, and management of multiple facets of IT. A NOC is a centralized team working in conjunction with the Service Desk to continuously monitor and manage the health and performance of an organization’s network.  

Together, these two powerhouses of managed services are a win-win-win for your organization, delivering the IT support that you need to get you and your staff out of the resource-draining IT business and back to doing what you do best. 

Win #1: Rapid Resolution with 24/7 Technical Support and Network Monitoring and Management  

DYOPATH’S Service Desk and NOC are both “always on” to ensure that your organization benefits from 24x7x365, US-based coverage. Our Service Desk Analysts and NOC Engineers and Administrators utilize enterprise-class support tools, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-aligned best practices, and our expert knowledge base to provide rapid response rates to your support needs.  

Our Service Desk boasts an impressive 82% first call resolution, meaning the majority of our clients experience swift solutions without the need for a follow-up or delayed response. In comparison, the industry average is 60%. We know the value of an efficient workflow, so we take great care to prevent our clients from having to wait for a resolution or call-back.  

Around-the-clock service means our NOC can bring proactive protection to your organization, ensuring that your systems and data are always available and performing at optimal performance. This risk-mitigating service helps to prevent issues before they can even arise. And when they do, we have the best experts, operations, and technology available to provide rapid, high-quality support.   

Your organization and employees will experience as little downtime as possible, preventing productivity backups.  

Win #2: Employee Productivity Refocused on Valuable Business Initiatives  

With our Service Desk and NOC taking on the IT support that was burdening your employees, they will be able to reclaim their true purpose at your organization, getting back to their core responsibilities and out of the IT business.  

As productivity levels return to normal, you can redeploy your staff towards focusing on more strategic, revenue-generating projects, such as strengthening client relationships and optimizing workflow and processes. 

Win #3: Bringing It All Together to Improve Client Satisfaction  

Outsourcing your Service Desk and NOC to DYOPATH allows your organization to function at peak operational efficiency. This is the ideal environment for driving exceptional customer service. When your employees feel validated in their work, they can devote the time and attention needed to surpass client expectations. 

By delegating these services to the capable hands of our IT professionals, you can restore your organization’s true purpose. And if you are fortunate to have found this blog before your IT management spins out of control, DYOPATH can step in to proactively drive your organization’s path to IT success. 



Thank you for taking time to read this blog. As part of our “Get Out of the IT Business! Do What You Do Best” campaign, we are aiming to free business leaders from the burden of IT inefficiencies distracting them from the core of their businessI have one more blog coming up where I’ll be discussing how you can enhance your organization’s operational efficiency with an IT Service Desk. 

You can learn more about DYOPATH and our Managed Services by visiting our website. 

Patrick Clary, President & Chief Operating Officer

About the author: Patrick Clary is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DYOPATH. He is responsible for planning and executing the overall vision, mission, strategy, and operations of the organization. Clary’s greatest strengths are leadership, risk mitigation, change management and a passion for problem solving. He is known for having his finger on the pulse of DYOPATH’S major business initiatives, delivering operational excellence and an ability to provide guidance and mitigating risk by asking questions. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in a servant mentality, always doing the right thing, and acting like an owner when making decisions. His passion for DYOPATH comes from the ability to have an impact each day on the lives of employees and clients.