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Modernize Your Client Workforce – Get In Touch With Intune

Nov 19, 2022

Even sophisticated enterprises are behind the times when it comes to mobile device management. In my last blog, I discussed the growing necessity of companies to ensure their remote workforces – and their clients – remain secure and operational. That said, you should seriously consider moving in this direction if your company meets the following criteria: 

  1. Security and data compliance are important to your business. 
  2. You’re trying to improve productivity and collaboration in your organization. 
  3. Your staff is in a distributed workforce. 
  4. You’re trying to streamline or optimize your tool sets.  

The above traits are all signs an organization would greatly benefit from a program like Microsoft Intune to simplify and reduce the number of different applications it uses. And a Cloud Services partner will ensure this transition serves to modernize your workforce by being implemented and managed by a team of experts. 

How SCCM, Intune & Autopilot Resolve Remote Workforce Safety Issues  

A policy-driven provisioning tool is the simplest, most cost-effective way to resolve the above problems. There are several options, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), a more traditional on-premises solution that enables the management, deployment and security of devices and applications. Whereas SCCM is used for big jobs like deploying Windows 10, Intune serves more to manage updates to mobile devices and applications. 

Due to increasingly complex IT and a hiring market tilted against employers, moving to Intune gives you the expertise and skill sets you need without having to make any new hires. Intune uses a sync process to push and pull devices from the Autopilot deployment service. Coupled with Windows Autopilot deployment service to streamline registration, an organization will be both safer and corporate ready. First, the configuration of policies will help manage your applications. Then, those assets must be kept up to date on a continual basis.  

 How Cloud Services Save Your Time – And Increase Your ROI 

The fact is, C-level players need to take more informed action to get ROI on their cybersecurity and risk mitigations throughout their organizations. When it comes to prepping new end users (and mitigating risk for existing ones), time is money. With a streamlined Cloud Services partner, the timing to pull the proper policies is typically under an hour, depending on how many applications the user is authorized for. In addition to providing and setting up the hardware, a qualified partner will be able to make recommendations based on multiple factors: 

  • Specific configurations based on the business unit group or role 
  • Configuration setup and permission privileges set in the applications 
  • Roles-based access while logging in  
  • Setting up a Microsoft account and setting rules and permissions based on the individual job 
  • Vendor requirements for Windows 10, Microsoft 365, and EM+S features, Azure AD and Intune 

If you suspect you could use some support in this area, call us! DYOPATH offers customized, cloud-based solutions that can be tailored to clients in any industry. Ongoing, scalable assistance is available as organizations grow and evolve. That’s why our average client sees a 20 percent or more boost in efficiency.  

Visit our website for details and schedule a meeting today.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Policy-Based Security Powered by Intune” campaign, we’re explaining the value and ROI of policy management tools like Intune. In my final blogs, I’ll reveal the final key to securing remote end users and their devices.  

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Shawn Mihalovits, Senior Cloud Engineer