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Does Your Staff Get Enough Value from Your Existing IT Support? 

Jul 23, 2021

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer at DYOPATH  

A lagging IT system can cost you much more than the time spent managing patching. In my last blog, I discussed how hours of lost productivity due to technology stress in the workplace add up quickly and lead to other issues. I’ve seen many kinds of organizations elevate their resources and add value to their business simply by outsourcing some of those stress-inducing, day-to-day tasks to a managed service provider (MSP). 

Let’s take a closer look at the security and efficiency gains you can make with the right MSP. 

When End Users Benefit from Managed IT Services 

If you’re unsure whether managed services are the answer, a good litmus test is to find out how end users feel about the technology you are providing to them. If they’re not happy, it could mean they lack the right skillsets – or your IT lacks the capabilities to deliver the support they require. Whether outsourced or on-site, their answer points to insufficient IT support. 

Do you have the right IT support model for your organization? You’ll also want to address whether a shared service desk – with multiple  sharing resources – or  dedicated engineers will be necessary as your organization grows. What you don’t want is for users to take support into their own hands. I’ve seen organizations end up with a “shadow IT” support model in which they lose control over their data and network, leaving them vulnerable to major security risks. 

With an IT outsourcing service, you maintain control over what’s on your network and safeguard your data while providing a better experience for end users. Thanks to our exceptional customer service grounded in accountability, DYOPATH has a 98% user satisfaction rate.  

How MSPs Boost Productivity 

While hiring more staff may seem like the logical way to resolve your service issues, doing so would be too cost-prohibitive for many firms. An MSP with a proven track already has the latest tools and services available, which they can leverage to boost your productivity without adding any employees. 

Here are some of the ways managed services add value to organizations:  

  • Increased user productivity 
  • IT staff productivity 
  • Small initial investment 
  • Predictable monthly costs 
  • Immediate expert-level support 
  • Economy of scale 

Considering that 86% of problems are resolved in the first call, it’s no wonder most DYOPATH clients see improved overall business productivity. Visit us online to find out more about our different managed services and schedule a meeting with our experts today. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you’ve been following our campaign, I hope I provided some insights on the many ways organizations can benefit from a managed services provider. Learn more about DYOPATH and our diverse, cloud-based services by visiting our website. 

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer

About the author: Rob Koch is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DYOPATH and a pioneer within the MSP vertical. He sets the culture, vision, strategy, and overall business direction across DYOPATH. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in his values of adventure, determination, health, learning, love, peace, and success.