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Demystifying Managed Services – A Mini Buyers Guide 

Jun 25, 2021

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer at DYOPATH  

Outsourcing its IT to experts is often the best solution for a growing organization. To provide the most value, a managed service provider (MSP) can design IT solutions that align with a broad variety of organizational needs. Providers today aren’t just handling more diverse technology needs, but increasingly complex ones. They must help you combat ever-increasing cyber threats and mitigate human capital shortages while handling technology needs as efficiently as possible. 

When all that is being handled by someone else, your management can focus on innovation and growth instead of putting out fires. 

Technology Stack Offerings 

A best-in-class MSP will help you choose from a trove of technology tools – also known as a technology stack – to integrate the most appropriate solutions. You’ll get the most from a provider that offers a broad diversity of tools and 3rd party products to suit any organizational model or IT environment.  

What are your data hosting needs? Do you have the proper infrastructure but need someone else to manage it? An MSP gives you the ability to outsource either part or all of your IT. The latest cloud-based technology was created to help organizations operate more effectively no matter where they are, with 24×7 monitoring and support when you need it. 

Solutions Are Scalable to Organization’s Needs 

What is the scope of your needs? Organizations without any IT staff may need a fully outsourced solution. But many different models can be tailored to your organization’s needs, with either on-site or remote IT support. Pricing structures should be flexible, as well, based on whether you prefer flat fees or a consumption payment model. 

Businesses with limited staff often benefit from a hybrid support model that lets them manage some resources in-house while using a managed service provider for others. Resources can be shared among multiple organizations, while larger, more complex organizations may require a dedicated engineer(s). 

A highly scalable solution can grow with your organization so there’s no service interruption, providing the greatest long-term benefit. With DYOPATH’S “business first” approach, organizations typically report 20% or more improvement in productivity. Learn more about how DYOPATH’S managed services can add value to your organization on our website and schedule a meeting today. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. As part of our “Elevate Your IT – Outsource Your Stress” campaign, we’re educating business leaders on viewing managed services as the solution to complex IT problems that impact time-to-market. I hope you’ll follow my next two blogs, in which I’ll discuss outsourcing IT support and how it provides value to end users. 

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer

About the author: Rob Koch is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DYOPATH and a pioneer within the MSP vertical. He sets the culture, vision, strategy, and overall business direction across DYOPATH. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in his values of adventure, determination, health, learning, love, peace, and success.