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What’s Up In Sales

Selling is mostly telling a story. 

But it’s an important story. It’s one that discovers what our clients need to improve in order to meet their goals. It’s a story that shares what we’ve done in similar situations. It’s a story that shows how we can provide those same benefits to the prospect. 

And this story involves everyone at DYOPATH, not just people with “Sales” titles: every time a prospect or client interacts with DYOPATH, we have the opportunity to make the story better. In fact, I specifically remember one client who signed up with us because when they picked up the phone and made an unscheduled call to our Service Desk, Ruth Castro picked up and gave them professional and friendly service.  

Through the end of April, these stories have resulted in us closing over 900 new engagements and renewals this year. These results reinforce that our message and value proposition rings true with our clients and allows us to continue building the enterprise value of DYOPATH.   

We look forward to talking with you to hear your story and look forward to talking about the ways we can help improve your business results, while reducing risk and liabiltites. 

Thanks so much!

Jesse Alexander 


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