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What’s Up In Sales


DYOPATH continues to expand its capabilities every day to provide you with ever more value. At the end of August 2021, we purchased another IT services company and have been working to integrate the company and its staff into the proven processes of DYOPATH. 6 months in, we have completed this integration in many areas, and have hopefully done so in a way that was a non-event for our services to you. As we continue to finish the integration in our service delivery area, you will see incremental technical skills and availability of resources to help with more projects and additional OEM hardware and software support. 

For our legacy DYOPATH clients, we are excited to be able to offer additional services, such as depot support, asset management and powerful, dynamic analytics & reporting using PowerBI.    

For our new DYOPATH clients, we are excited to show you how we can help with our Advanced Security services and Connectivity services. We look forward to talking with you about how these proven DYOPATH services can save you money and reduce your risk. 

And finally, while the war in Ukraine is extremely unfortunate and our hearts go out to those impacted, none of our services relied on services or software from the involved countries. We will continue to be vigilant about cyberattacks for all our clients with our Advanced Security managed services and will be glad to talk with you about your particular risk profile if you have any questions. 

Thanks so much!  

Jesse Alexander 


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