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What’s Up In Sales

Our job is helping clients run their business better.

The crux of the sales proposition at DYOPATH is that we provide value to our clients.  What that means is that we want to know what you need, not what we have to sell.  Said another way: Our clients determine what has value, not us. 

Therefore, in all our interactions, whether with a new client or an existing client, we want to listen and ask questions, in order to understand.  To listen to what you tell us, as well as what you do not say (ex: your boss doesn’t acknowledge the impact of this problem and won’t fund a solution for it).  To ask clarifying questions which get to the root cause of an issue (ex: this issue is causing more work for the provisioning team and is requiring the purchase of more laptops and software licenses).

When we strive first to understand, then we are equipped to empathize, to help overcome obstacles, and to provide solutions that our clients value.  This is how we differentiate ourselves and this is how we demonstrate Client Focus.

In what ways can we help you today?

Jesse Alexander 


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