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3 Reasons to Hire an MSSP With MSP Services

May 15, 2023

Managed services are critical for the success of IT operations, even with a robust in-house IT department. CIOs are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to give ongoing support for all networks, cloud infrastructure, data recovery, and more. 

The problem is, MSPs often have limited cybersecurity services to offer, which is why Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) have also risen in popularity. MSSPs can provide sophisticated cybersecurity services, but at a cost — heavily siloed tools that end up increasing IT complexity and reducing usability.  

But what if you could have your cake and eat it too — a managed service that provides both comprehensive cybersecurity services and all of the support that an MSP does? 

Read on to learn about four reasons why an MSSP that provides MSP services may be the way to go for managed services that provide top-of-the-line cybersecurity. 

#1 Beyond Vulnerability Scanning — Assessment & Patch Management

Most MSPs will scan your systems and assets for any security vulnerabilities. With so much technology, it can be almost impossible to plug up all of the holes in your security, and vulnerability scanning is an essential first step — determining where the gaps are. 

Every company will have at least one vulnerability, whether it’s transmitting data on an unsecured network, technology partners that don’t have high-security standards, or out-of-date software that provides a doorway for cyber attacks.  

An MSSP goes beyond simple vulnerability scanning. Once the vulnerabilities are found, each one is assessed for how critical they are. Is the threat of attack imminent or likely? How easy would it be to fix the vulnerability immediately, or does it require an overhaul of software or networks?

As an MSSP that offers MSP services, Dyopath not only scans for and assesses vulnerabilities — we shore up your defenses by plugging the holes in your security so your systems can remain safe. 

Because we also act as your MSP, we know your technology suite forwards and backwards. This allows vulnerability assessments to be more accurate, and fixing vulnerabilities to be less disruptive to daily operations. 

#2 Continuity of Service Delivery 

When working with an MSSP and MSP separately, the goals of the MSSP are often at odds with the goals of the MSP. That’s because increased security tends to come at the expense of usability, but an MSP’s main goal is to ease IT complexity and make all technology more usable for your business. 

If you’re juggling two managed services, the clash of those two goals becomes your problem, as you receive conflicting information and advice from each managed service. When you hire an MSSP that also offers MSP services; however, your managed services are working together in a unified front to provide usable solutions that are still secure.   

The benefit of working with one company is that you are only communicating with one service desk, and that service provider understands all of your technology and security needs, whereas an MSSP would only understand your business from a cybersecurity perspective, and an MSP likely won’t understand your security needs at all. 

When working with an MSSP that provides MSP services, the right hand and the left hand always know what the other is doing, instead of separate companies working on separate goals that conflict with each other. 

#3 Limit Exposure to Breaches 

With cybersecurity, you can only control how you defend against attacks, not what others are doing. This is a big problem given that almost all companies work with third parties. 

In fact, it’s estimated that 98% of businesses work with technology vendors that have been breached in the past two years. According to a report by Black Kite, ransomware is rising as a third-party attack, and software publishers are the most common source of third-party attacks.  

The more managed service providers you work with, the more opportunities you invite for third-party attacks. An MSSP that provides MSP services understands this well, and will limit the amount of third parties you have to work with while still providing excellent technology partners that meet a high standard of cybersecurity. 

As an MSSP, Dyopath provides MSP services because we believe that cybersecurity shouldn’t come at the expense of realizing your business goals. We work together with you to provide solutions that drive efficiency and keep all of your business assets secure. 

Contact us to learn more about how our MSSP + MSP services can help you achieve your IT goals.