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Marketing Minute

Happy 2023 from the Marketing Team at DYOPATH! Being a client, you might know all about DYOPATH, but our world is shifting; just like the ever-changing technology, we’ve got to stay ahead of the game! To do that, we want to make sure you, our clients, are fully aware of our capabilities! You may already have the full package, and we love that, but to the clients who view DYOPATH as just a Service Desk or refer to us for project work, we do so much more! We guide organizations, just like yours, through the complexity of IT by creating clarity and building structure around what you need to meet your business goals, protect your revenue, and grow your end user’s customer experience!  

Have You Seen Us Around?

Friends – did you know that DYOPATH is on social media? We would love for you to give us a follow or a like! We post a multitude of things on social, and we’d love to interact with you online! From our Technology and Innovations posts on Monday to our Fun Fact Fridays and everything in between, there is something for everyone to enjoy! You can find all our social media profiles here: 

There’s a DYOPATH Blog?

Did you know that DYOPATH has a blog? And that we post regularly? Well, now you do! In technology, there’s a lot to cover, and usually, you can’t cover everything in one blog, so DYOPATH posts all our blogs in three-part series! From beginner-type blogs on certain topics are to the complexity of that technology and how it affects your bottom line. You should check it out HERE and if you like it, subscribe! We’d love to see you there!


Jordan Orrico, Marketing Manager 

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