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Don’t Let the Jaws of Digital Transformation Attack Your Culture

With the world moving faster than ever, digital transformation is key to staying competitive. But despite almost 90% of business leaders saying that a digital transformation strategy is a priority for them, less than 30% of all digital transformation efforts actually succeed in improving business processes.

Don’t Let The Jaws Of Digital Transformation Attack Your Culture​ 1

Why is that? 

Because most businesses get hyper-focused on IT implementation and they fail to incorporate the other aspects of successful digital transformation: 

  • IT Implementation
  • End-User Feedback
  • Smart Company Culture Focused on IT Maturity


During our upcoming webinar, we’ll walk you through the key components of building a successful Digital Transformation Feedback Loop, including: 

  • The Most Common Factors Hindering Digital Transformation (and if your organization is suffering from them!)
  • The Key Elements of an IT Mature Company Culture
  • Leadership Responsibilities for Implementing a Digital-Focused Company Culture
  • Critical Steps to Building & Improving Your Digital Transformation Feedback Loops

Watch our webinar on-demand: The Digital Feedback Loop!