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Understand Your Risk Before Investing in Security

Apr 30, 2021

Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer at DYOPATH

If you follow along with our content at DYOPATH, you surely must feel a sense of urgency to protect your organization from cyberthreats. While we do want to clearly convey the importance of enhancing your organization’s security culture, we also want you to understand your risks before making that investment.

Because all too often, business leaders are led to believe that a few simple security tools will deliver sufficient protection. I talked briefly about this issue in my last blog. On the other hand, some are oversold on security services that they don’t need, wasting money on the wrong tools.

So, before you invest in security, you need to quantify your risks. This is the only way to ensure that the coverage you invest in, is the coverage that you actually need.

Determining Your Risk

Risk is chiefly a business concept and something that should be considered in every facet of your organization. At the end of the day, risk is about money, and it could result in financial losses for your organization.

But when it comes to security, just how do you determine your risk? Depending on whom you’re asking, there might be different methods for different people. Realistically, this isn’t something that can be explained thoroughly within this one blog, but I can give you some guidance on considerations to think about.

There are some key questions that you will want to ask yourself regarding your organization:

  1. What is at risk? Specifically, what important data is at risk of loss at your organization?
  2. How vulnerable is this data currently? Does it have a high, low, or mid-level likelihood of being compromised?
  3. What is the impact of this data being compromised? This is a multi-faceted question and might involve potential impacts such as compliance penalties, legal repercussions, customer and/or reputation loss, and financial loss to name a few.

We always recommend talking to the experts to assess your level of risk, but once it is determined, a strategy can be developed to address it.

What Strategy Is Best for You?

Any security expert worth their salt would refuse to answer this question without first understanding your organization’s goals and needs. At DYOPATH, we don’t just sell one-off tools and we will never encourage our clients to invest in security programs that aren’t necessary.

Instead, we begin each journey with our clients by conducting a thorough risk assessment before developing a customized security program. Whatever services your security investment includes, all of our clients can expect a program that:

  • Is highly flexible and adaptable as needed.
  • Is aligned to the needs of the business.
  • Moves you along the IT Maturity Model by implementing the appropriate people, processes, and tools.

The important thing is to ensure you have the right strategy in place for your particular risks. In my experience, no two organizations are the same, not only in the risks that they face, but also in what they consider their acceptable level of risk.

Keeping Your Security Flexible

Your IT environment and the threat landscape will never be consistent. They are always changing, and because of this, your organization’s risk will always need an updated assessment. With the right security program in place, this should become a routine process.

Not only will your processes need frequent assessing, but your employees will need updated training, and your tools may need to be adjusted to accommodate this constant evolution. It’s this continual change that supports the theme of our campaign, “Security Is a Journey, not a Destination”.

Schedule a meeting with our experts to learn more about our Managed Security services and how DYOPATH works to ensure that your organization invests in the security program perfectly matched to its needs.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you’ve been following along with our campaign, I hope that I was able to provide some insight on how your organization can best benefit from security while creating a sustainable and adaptable security program to last it on its journey.

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Rob Koch, Chief Executive Officer

About the author: Rob Koch is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DYOPATH and a pioneer within the managed service provider (MSP) vertical. He sets the culture, vision, strategy, and overall business direction across DYOPATH. His leadership of DYOPATH is grounded in his personal values of adventure, determination, health, learning, love, peace, and success. His passion for DYOPATH comes from the people, “We have the best!”, says Koch. His favorite quote is, “It’s not the Destination, It’s the Journey.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.