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Marketing Minute

It’s been an exciting time for the DYOPATH brand so far this year! From events, awards and digital presence initiatives, DYOPATH’s brand awareness is in growth mode.  

We kicked off Q2 strong with the Channel Partner Conference & Expo in Las Vegas and after a couple of years of no in-person events, it was a great event to see many of our partners and meet several new faces. Thanks to the onsite team – Matt Briggs, John Protass, Matt Fox, Tim Griner, Jesse Alexander and Bethany Turner for representing the DYOPATH brand! 

DYOPATH has also been getting a lot of recognition from organizations across the industry – here is a snapshot of the awards our brand has received so far this year: 


Want to know what we’re talking about? Read the latest blogs from DYOPATH on our website: 

Please reach out to our team at solutions@dyopath.com anytime if you have any questions!  

Bethany Turner, Marketing Manager 

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