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What’s Up In Sales

A big part of the way we create value and interest is in painting a picture of what our clients could look like.  

When we start our conversations with prospects, we introduce ourselves as one of the largest privately held MSP and MSSPs in the USA. We then talk about how we differentiate ourselves from other service providers in 4 ways:  

  1. Our Business First Approach 
  2. The way we help elevate the client’s IT staff so that they can be more strategic 
  3. The way we help develop their organizational maturity through IT processes, procedures and tools, and  
  4. How our DYOPATH Proven Process allows us to architect a solution that meets their current needs, is enhanced through continuous improvement and evolves with our governance process to meet their changing priorities and initiatives. 

Our Sales team, Program Managers and technical experts help show our prospects and clients what their future could look like by partnering with us.  That includes sharing best practices and information from other industries and other clients.  We talk about how DYOPATH can help them get from their “As Is” state to their desired “To Be” state in a manner that doesn’t break the bank and that can be supported by the client’s ability to accommodate technological human behavior change management. 

By painting the picture and then developing realistic roadmaps for the client, we differentiate DYOPATH in a way that helps our clients achieve their business objectives. 

Jesse Alexander 


Whats Up In Sales Q4 2022 External Newsletter 1