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Superintendent’s Cybersecurity Role – You’re Accountable to Your Community 

As education-based technology has rapidly evolved in the past year to primarily include virtual and online learning, the risks associated with cybersecurity are greater than ever before. As a superintendent or similarly responsible role at your school district, safeguarding your students, faculty/staff, and your school’s sensitive data from cybersecurity threats falls squarely on your shouldersJoin our webinar as we discuss the risks you are facing and how we can help you develop a secure framework for your district’s cybersecurity program.


Obtain an Expertly Developed Framework for Your School District’s Cybersecurity Program  

In a time when virtual learning is more prominent than ever before, the one thing that can jeopardize the safety of school districts everywhere is a weak cybersecurity program. As a superintendent, you are accountable to your community. We know that you regard the physical safety of your district’s students and staff with the upmost seriousness, but what about their virtual safety? 

The simple truth is that schools face an enormous amount of cyber risk.  

The large database of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) housed by school systems is what makes them so vulnerable to cyberattacks. Data theft can leave your students, faculty, and staff susceptible to a multitude of exposure risks. Bill Spakowski, our Director of New Business Development for Education Services, discusses the risks that school districts face in his recent blog. 

To combat this risk and potential compliance issues, superintendents and similar educational leaders need to truly understand the threat environment school districts are tackling. From here, a firm plan of action can be developed along with a solid framework for securing your school district’s cybersecurity program.  

DYOPATH has extensive experience with designing and implementing such frameworks, freeing our clients to focus on the daily operations and future planning of their school district, rather than IT security.   

How an Outsourced IT Managed Service Provider Can Help Improve Your School’s Security Posture 

Outsourcing your school district’s cybersecurity program to an experienced and reputable Managed Service Provider (MSP) keeps everyone working in the arena that they perform best in. You are able to oversee the daily needs of your school district while DYOPATH is able to enhance your school’s security posture. When experts are able to focus solely on the environment in which they thrive, the greatest efficiencies occur.  

Safeguard Your Houston & Chicago K-12 School District with an Effective Cybersecurity Plan from DYOPATH 

While it’s vital for you to understand and ensure the implementation of a successful cybersecurity program within your school district, we know that it is not your specialty to do the actual IT legwork. That is where DYOPATH comes in.  

As a leading MSP in Houston, TX, and Chicago, IL we work one-on-one with superintendents, board members, and other school district leaders to understand the exact needs of their district – be it small or large – and formulate the most effective path to mitigating cyber risk. 

Our 100% US-based team of Education Experts can walk you through the process of developing your school district’s cybersecurity program before it becomes compromised beyond repair. 

If you would like to have a one-on-one conversation with DYOPATH, fill out the form to schedule a meeting with one of our Education Experts.