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Should You Consider Azure API Management?

Jun 14, 2024

When it comes to creating, managing, and working with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Azure API Management is often lauded as one of the best tools out there. But why? Is this pure hype, fueled by Microsoft’s marketing engines? Or is this software really worth it?

Dyopath Should You Consider Azure Api Management

APIs are tools that allow different applications to communicate with each other, allowing you to build a connected and functional software infrastructure. And with businesses using more and more applications and interacting with an increasing number of users all the time, APIs have never been more important.

Developers working with APIs are constantly on the hunt for tools that make the process easier, more productive, and more user-friendly. Azure API Management is one of the best options on the market, and in this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why it’s such a strong choice.

First, let’s break down what Azure API Management is and how it works.

What Is Azure API Management?

Azure API Management is a multi-cloud platform-as-a-service provider designed to give developers the tools they need to create and manage APIs across all environments from one central place.

Developers can use Azure API Management without having to write any code. It allows you to define policies, set restrictions, and manage thousands of APIs in a way that’s intuitive, simple, and secure.

Why Choose Azure API Management?

There are many API management tools out there, so why should you consider Azure? Let’s break down some of the most important benefits that set Azure API Management apart from the rest, and why they’re worth paying attention to.

Simplify API Management

API management is complex. Developers often have to create and implement huge numbers of APIs across many different platforms. Any tool that can help simplify this process is worth considering — and Azure API Management is a fantastic solution.

In the past, developers had to manage APIs manually, painstakingly sifting through hundreds of APIs to make sure everything was working as planned and make any necessary changes. Azure streamlines this process, automating numerous key tasks to save tons of developer time and stress.

It’s Easier to Scale

As your business grows and more people use your services and applications, your APIs come under more strain as they’re forced to handle greater volumes of traffic.

Azure API Management is enormously valuable here as it’s able to scale easily in line with your level of demand, helping you smoothly adapt to extremely high levels of traffic without compromising on user experience or latency.

User-Friendly Developer Portal

Azure API Management’s developer portal is designed to be as user-friendly and friction-free as possible. It’s easy to sign up, and you can even customize the portal’s design to suit your preferences.

Dyopath Should You Consider Azure Api Management

Within the portal, discovering and managing various APIs is easy, and there are tons of tools and documents to help you. You can also access and view detailed reports for each of your products, which contain information about API usage, data transfer, and response times. This can help you pinpoint any issues or strange activity quickly and make necessary changes.


Security is a major concern for today’s developers and should be a primary focus when choosing an API management service. In fact, in one survey, a disheartening 60% of organizations said they have fallen victim to API-related security incidents during the past two years. Of those, 74% said they had suffered three or more breaches.

Fortunately, Azure API Management takes security seriously, coming with an impressive suite of features to keep your data safe. This includes authentication, IP whitelisting and blacklisting, role-based access control, authorization keys, and much more. 

How Much Does Azure API Management Cost?

Azure API Management is not a free service, but the cost is based on how much you use it. Cost is influenced by factors like API calls and the amount of data you transfer. For this reason, it’s worth taking some time upfront to think about how you will use the service and how your needs will change as your business scales.

Azure API Management comes with multiple pricing tiers aimed at organizations of different sizes and needs. If in doubt, contact Microsoft to discuss the best option for you.

Work with DYOPATH

Getting the most out of the cloud can be challenging, even with user-friendly platforms like Azure API Management at your disposal. At DYOPATH, we help organizations drill down into how cloud services can help them reach their specific goals, and guide them through the process of using these tools for the best possible results.

If you’re interested in finding out more and getting the most out of powerful cloud solutions like Azure API Management, schedule a call with DYOPATH.