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Security Is a Journey, not a Destination

To implement a secure environment in today’s threat landscape, your organization needs more than a few tools; it needs a holistic security program. Join our Director of New Business Development, Matt Briggs, and IT Security Practice Lead, Shohn Trojacek for a free webinar as they discuss DYOPATH’S Managed Security offerings, which focus on a three-pillar approach to our security programs: 1) people, 2) processes, and 3) tools.

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DYOPATH’S Managed Security services provide multi-layered protections, capable of combatting today’s threat environment.

Today’s constantly evolving threat landscape means that organizations must provide equally evolving protections if they want to stay on top of cyber security threats against their data and applications. This is why security needs to be considered a journey, rather than a destination.

However, as a business leader, you may have been given the impression that security can be achieved with the addition of a few technology tools that get updated once a year or so to ward off malware or viruses. While tools certainly have their place in combatting cyberthreats, they are only one piece of the pie.

At DYOPATH, this “pie” is made up of our Managed Security services. When combined into a customized security program tailored to your organization’s specific needs, these services aid you along your continuous security journey.

Enhance Your Organization’s Security Posture with DYOPATH’S Flexible, Three-Pillar Approach to Security

At DYOPATH, we use a three-pillar approach consisting of the appropriate people, processes, and tools to provide multi-layered protections that increase your overall security posture and help to create a sustainable security culture within your organization. In one of our recent blogs, our Chief Executive Officer, Rob Koch, elaborates on the benefits of such a culture.

Although every organization has different needs, below outlines a few examples of the protections that we provide:

People – such as a VCISO, a security analyst (outside of a Security Operations Center), a security practitioner (within a Security Operations Center), a red team for offensive security, and a blue team for defensive security.

Processes – such as policies, procedures, and a security roadmap.

Tools – such as anti-malware, endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management, SIEM, a Security Operations Center, email security, and security awareness training.

But we don’t just guess which of these people, processes, and tools work best for you. We begin each client experience with a thorough assessment so that you are getting the most-needed, full coverage protections for your security needs. This also means that you can rest assured that you will never worry about paying for services that are of no use to you again.

Increase your ROI and safeguard your organization for the long-term.


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