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Protect Your Weakest Links


Policy-Based Security Powered by Intune 

Too many organizations are failing to secure the devices of their remote workforces as they grow. The vast majority of companies rely on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) equipment to connect to business-related apps – yet, 61% of them lack a BYOD policy to keep their data safe on them. In doing so, they’re forfeiting control of their own organizational data that is on them – and allowing risks to proliferate.

Protect Your Weakest Link; Policy Based Security Powered by InTune 1

In today’s climate, several programs must work together – ideally, with the ongoing assistance of cloud management – to sufficiently protect your data and most valuable assets. But there is a general lack of control of data compliance in today’s corporate on-premise environments. The sudden evolution of digital technology brings up countless security and privacy issues. Remote workforces must be accommodated so workers can access data using their devices securely, at any time. That’s why Microsoft Intune is becoming a necessity to ensure remote workforces remain secure and operational.  

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