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Assess, Improve, Align

Sep 10, 2021

Technology should enable a client’s success, not impede it – and so should their IT solutions. For that reason, agents should steer clients toward a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides a clear framework on which their solutions will be based, one that analyzes an organization’s needs first and then aligns their IT and business strategies for long-term growth.  

IT services do more than fix technical issues. When properly aligned with your client’s goals, they strengthen the entire organization. But enhancing IT performance must start with an examination of your current IT standing. The proper assessment will let clients know whether the system they have in place is supporting or hindering their business functions. 

The best providers rely on a proven methodology to:  

  • Help clients increase their revenue 
  • Increase client satisfaction 
  • Improve the overall health of the organization  

A thorough assessment allows the client to keep what’s working and offload tactical, time-sucking IT tasks to a trusted MSP. There are two key steps needed to make that happen:


Assess: DYOPATH’S Maturity Model Assessment 

Our relationship with each client starts with a comprehensive assessment of their IT environment. It is designed to evaluate the objectives and operational requirements of an organization, as well as the technology infrastructure, applications, and support resources that serve employees and customers.  

DYOPATH’S assessment service is based on the IT Maturity Model, which allows us to closely measure an organization’s progress. Our team of experts will help your clients with strategy, providing an objective point of view on how technology is either helping their organization or holding it back from growth. We can: 

  • Identify an organization’s current IT standing 
  • Discover areas that are obstructing their success 
  • Establish a method of measuring improvement  

The resulting analysis provides a detailed technical report, including an in-depth overview of their infrastructure, that reveals what’s working and what needs improvement. This assessment will play an important role in moving your clients toward long-standing success. 


Improve: Allow Better IT to Advance Business 

After the assessment, an IT service provider will help your IT organization evolve into a strategic business partner. A provider like DYOPATH can collaborate with any type of organization to tailor solutions that make the most sense for them. By freeing clients up to focus on growing their organization, they’re finally able to make strategic IT and business alignment possible.  

Clients have the flexibility to choose from different levels of service, using either shared or dedicated resources, depending on the complexity of their needs. A detailed roadmap will let them know what to expect moving forward. Services like these can be outsourced to enhance their existing system:  

  • Vendor Management 
  • Security & Network Support and Management 
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure Support 


Targeted Solutions to Improve Your Network 

In contrast to the disconnect experienced in so many organizations, putting the right solutions in place bridges the gap between IT and business practices. When business and technology are aligned, an IT system can finally be integrated with the larger strategy and goals of the organization.  

Organizations often start by integrating managed IT support services as an extension of their own IT support. For instance, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides best practices for effective IT service management. Using a 24/7 ITIL-enabled help desk, clients that have been struggling will see their IT issues and service requests handled more efficiently. Service desk ticketing and other processes will be based on their individual needs and help streamline their overall IT operations.  

Other clients choose to overhaul their entire system. The more we engage with clients in areas like security compliance and quality standards, the more growth and transformation they will experience. 


Cloud Services Provide Continuous Improvements 

An in-house system may have worked twenty years ago, but circumstances can change quickly. One of the largest privately-held MSPs in the US, DYOPATH will continuously work to improve your client’s IT as threats change and the organization grows and evolves. The fluidity and scalability of our cloud-based services allow for whatever future improvements and adjustments a business will need. 

With reduced risks, lower costs, and increased efficiency, an organization can achieve the final “Value” phase of the maturity model, where they are empowered to achieve the most growth. Employing DYOPATH ensures your client will never again find itself in the chaos of an inadequate IT system. We make sure organizations stay focused on their core business goals rather than struggle to stay afloat.  

If you would like to know more about how DYOPATH can help your clients achieve better IT/business alignment, call 866-609-PATH or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our experts.