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DYOPATH Sponsors Wings for Life Gala

Oct 25, 2022

On September 8th, 2022, DYOPATH sponsored the Wings for Life Gala by participating in their silent auction. Wings for Life is a research group that performs research on healing critical spinal cord injuries by performing basic and clinical research. Wings for Life also performs clinical studies and therapies to understand how well the new drugs and therapies can be tolerated and how effective they are in humans with spinal cord injuries. 

The mission of Wings for Life aligns with DYOPATH’S core value of “Relentless Passion” as they are passionate about helping those with a spinal cord injury, just as DYOPATH is also passionate about donating to charities such as this and helping their clients. Wing for Life is working to change the lives of many, and DYOPATH is excited to see where their research will lead in helping those who have injured their spinal cord. 


Learn more about Wings for Life HERE.