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Texas Association of School Boards (TASA/TASB)

Calling all Texas educators, big things are happening in Dallas! Join us for the largest convening of public education policy makers in Texas. School administrators and board members come together at the joint TASA/TASB convention each year to secure the training they need to fulfill their differing roles and to explore solutions to the challenges […]

Webinar: Advanced Security Services Help You Chart Your Cybersecurity Journey

Most growing organizations aren’t equipped to withstand a major data breach or other cyberattacks in the long term. To determine the appropriate solutions, a growing organization must create a roadmap  to guide its security strategy, starting with the state of its current cyber environment. Doing so is particularly crucial for leaders of complex organizations so they can anticipate what lies ahead, as well as […]

Roundtable Mini-Series:  Cybersecurity Strategy That Matters – How to Stay Ahead of The Threats 

Join Matt Briggs, DYOPATH Director of New Business Development, for a presentation and collaborative discussion that covers cyber security strategies you can depend on:   Layered security you can depend on. Keeping your security flexible.   Why SOC as a service isn’t an option, it’s a necessity and no longer a consideration  If you don’t have budget, you should at least be monitoring continuously core IT assets   Demonstrate the DYOPATH security model   Present how cybersecurity is […]

Webinar: Education Services Fill in Gaps in Your Learning Organization

An increasing number of schools and educational communities throughout the country are struggling to meet technology demands. A big part of this involves addressing the digital divide between students who have access to technology and those who lack it so that both groups can be successful. Many educational leaders are turning to IT experts with […]

Roundtable Mini-Series:  Next-Gen MSP: The Proactive vs. Reactive Support Debate

Join Matt Briggs, DYOPATH Director of New Business Development, for a presentation and collaborative discussion that covers Next-Gen MSP’s you can depend on: Service desk and RMM support one another  DYOPATH will present the disconnect between service desk/NOC  Discuss how service desk is there to support end users  NOC is there for escalation and prevent items from becoming incidents  Why time […]

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